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Aye, and aged piledriver. Both pups were standard tele before, so the diffence having a p90 is ace. Piledriver's awesome too. So much clearer, even with heaps of gain.


nice! what are the two guitars behind? that black one looks tasty, and the bass looks interesting! pics of guitar collection plox? :D

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:awesome: Love mine so very much, and high-five for going with the original case, fuck pedalboards!


Haha, yeah. Been keeping an eye out for an old-style one for a while now. It's in perfect condition, cost a good £50 less than a new one and I get maximum cool kid points for having the old one. Down sides are pedal board space and potentially arousing sweaty gear heads at gigs. Loving the sound though, really round and natural and I've still got a digital delay on my board so all bases are covered.

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My new Ibanez Desroyer! I now have an Iceman and a Destroyer :facepalm: i love 'em though :happy:


Really like that Destroyer! (presuming it is blue, sometimes black things in pictures appear blue :facepalm:)


After watching loads of videos of SOAD and Daron Malakian recently I've been tempted by some Icemans

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