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Decorate your tree with Muse this Christmas!


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ab557589-d4aa-44ec-a481-6408f8da12ac.jpgOver in the muse.mu shop, we've added a couple of new items for sale!


First up you can decorate the family tree with Muse with our awesome new baubles! These come in red, gold, blue, black (of course) and a set of all four!


Or, if you'd rather give your iPhone a splash of Muse this Christmas, then check out the new Resistance iPhone cases for both iPhone 3 and 4. We'll have the rest of the albums for you early next year...




Source: http://muse.mu/news/article/731/decorate-your-tree-with-muse-this-christmas/

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£12 + £3.08 standard UK post!!! Unreal. Even I won't be buying these! And I normally can't help it!!! I'm with the bauble+tippex idea lol.


Yep B&Q baubles and tippex... can make a lot more than 4 for that price.


Brian!! Your sig!! You know I have captured your screaming from CE at Oxegen :LOL:

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