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First of all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOM!!!!! I really hope you enjoy your day, well in Australia maybe it's 8th but in Europe it's 7th so... HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAY!!!!! Today is your day so it's DOMDAY :p!!! In facebook there's an event and we are going to wear something leopard print or leather in your honour!!! Because you are great, more than great you are awesome, increidible, perfect, glorious... The best drummer, the sexiest, the cutest... In yours 33 you are so fucking hot and cool and hot and cute and hot!!!!! C'mon let's go to eat some cake!! you are very skinny so eat eat eat eat (me) ;) !!!! Okaaayy have a lovely day and remember that I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!! Lots of kisses and hugs and loves from Europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll repeat: I LOVE YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAY!!!:D:happy:

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