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Muse nominated for three GRAMMYs!


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Hell Yeah! :musesign:


Like I said in the AMA win thread, it's time for Muse to take home a Grammy...or 2....or 3. :D



Seriously, if Muse doesn't get at least one of the 3 awards they're nominated for, it will be a crime. "Resistance", while getting mixed feelings from the board fans, is my favorite song from the album (narrowly beating "MK Ultra") and I think the entire album as a whole, while not as "epic" (whatever that means) as previous efforts is pretty damn good and a load better than most of what is out there today.


Called it! :D



I was cheering and clapping when The Resistance won Best Rock Album.



Congratulations guys! A well deserved win for a pretty damn good album. :musesign:



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