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[MULTICAM] Stade de France June 11th & 12th

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I've searched through this section and there seems to be no thread for that multicam, so I'm making it, please move it or delete it if inapropriate :)

I'm just spreading the info (didn't take part in the project ;) )


After two great concerts at Stade de France in June, two french people have been working on a multicam DVD for both night.


DVD for the 11th is already complete, and is available on musebootlegs :

torrent : http://torrents.musebootlegs.com/login.php?returnto=/download.php%3Fid%3D5434 (you need to be registered on musebootlegs)

megaupload :

DVD1 :

megaupload.com MXJMFTK6

megaupload.com X6FU9X22

megaupload.com 9FF5WK7G

megaupload.com 2599RPIU

megaupload.com UTA4AH83


DVD2 :

megaupload.com SGKDFYS3

megaupload.com ZHGSPZ67

megaupload.com 6G2166RK

megaupload.com LBOJMIBZ

megaupload.com PVBDBLRT



DVD for the 12th isn't complete yet but the first part is available here : http://www.megaupload.com/?f=ZNYU8UWY

(you need to download all the files and unzip, the torrent will be available when the entire dvd is finished)


Many thanks to the two editors. Facebook page of the project : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123273017685390&v=wall

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