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Muse featured in 'My Live Story' short film


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Some of you may have seen the adverts on Channel 4 recently asking for submissions of live music memories and experiences for a short film called 'My Live Story'. In the Metro today there were a few photos and previews of stories which will be featured in the final film, including a really touching story from a couple who went to the Teignmouth gig:


'For Jason' submitted by Teresa Chew


This is me and my husband Steven with genuine smiles at Muse's homecoming gig in Teignmouth in September 2009. I say 'genuine smiles' because it was one of those rare days when I hadn't cried since the sudden loss of our 17 year old son Jason six months previously. Jason was a big Muse fan. He would have been there, so we went in honour of his memory. It was a perfect, starry night and I had never felt an atmosphere like it! I remember standing there, taking in the sight of the crowd, their chatter, the laughter, being totally mesmerised by Matt Bellamy's guitar skills and thinking 'Jason would have loved this!' Then his song came on, Starlight - we'd played that at his funeral. I didn't sing, but filmed the whole performance, the laser lights and the buzz of the crowd. This was going to be my special memory in honour of a special son who never had the privilege of fulfilling his dream. But that night, we lived the dream for and in memory of him!


The My Live Story website (http://www.channel4.com/explore/mylivestory/index.html) says that the premiere of the short film took place on November 25th, so I guess it will be available to watch online or maybe shown on Channel 4 at some point soon.


There is also a video in the gallery of a father and son bonding moment over Hysteria at Wembley on September 11th...

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