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What is Matt's Mic Stand?


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Cheers Peter, its epic!!

Works like a charm, absolutely brilliant, so I see why Matt used them all these years.

Plus as a guitarist and vocalist it really works well, keeps clear of the guitar but lets you move around a bit as well.


They're both K&M and th Mic arm is attached to a speaker stand, since Muse's floor base were custom made - I was more worried about it just being stable. :-P

I got both of them for about £100 plus delivery. Not sure how much that'd be in dollars or how delivery would work but all the same - it's a German based music company called Thomann. Check it out :-)

The speaker stand was K&M 23850 I think. Or 21850... Something like that.

Any more details, or for assembly- pm me or whatever :-)

Plus stick a Dunlop pick holder on there and you're good to go :-)


Hope this helps you and anyone else! :-D


Plug in Baby!!!




Andrew, as I've seen your installation, I've ordered the K&M 23580 stand as it was looking good on your photos. The problem is you can only attach it vertically. How did you manage to attach it horizontally to the speaker stand?


I was trying to see it on your photos but it's not clear. Can you send me a clear photo of your system or explain me?


Thanks a lot!

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Right, this is a possible tricky one as the connection of stand to mic arm isn't intended.


I'll try explain this as best as I can, Basically what to do is attach the clamp for the mic arm sideways onto the top of the speaker stand, so it's not actually used to hold up the arm, just to support it. You'll need to turn the clamp really tight! Lol

Then attach the mic arm into the plastic cover at the top, should have come with the stand.

So what happens is its the mic arm in the speaker stand with the clamp helping to hold it up.

Hope that makes sense, but I'll try get some pictures up later today or sometime soon!

But I've had to make a change to it cos the plastic bit eventually burst, so I got an extra metal pole off an electric drum kit and put it inside with a but of messing about. Will try explain properly with pictures!

Good luck :-P

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