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How about a rhyming dictionary?


Seriously, for the rock star who has everything except common sense, here's something that looks affordable enough, although you'd have to really be into bananas (and ditch the iPod) to see the appeal:



Continuing on with the fruit theme, and scaling up the tech & expense just a bit, there's this:


I believe this is from Japan. (Where else?) I think it's a cooler, but I'm not sure what the point of it is exactly (most kitchens are full enough of clutter and gadgets as it is; why not just use a regular cooler?), and I don't know if it's also a robotic melon caddy or not (probably not), but if it was robotic, or at least remote-controlled, and ferried a bunch of bananas around instead of a melon, it'd be perfect.


But this is cooler still. You've heard of lightning in a bottle? This is 5 MeV (5 million electron volts) of energy "captured" in a block of acrylic:


Echoes of HAARP, a symbol of inspiration itself, and an uber-geeky lab artifact, all-in-one!

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