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Edinburgh Meadowbank Stadium - August 2006


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Hey, just wondering if there are any recordings of this gig?


It was my first ever gig, but sadly my memory of it is pretty poor. So was trying to find mp3's of it on Muselive or Muse.Bootlegs, but to no avail. I also struggle to find any decent Youtube videos.


I always feel that the gig's I'm at have no recordings afterwards, which is a shame because this was a fantastic gig. I don't remember much, but I do remember the likes of Bliss, Showbiz, Take A Bow &, most importantly, Invincible being played <3


Anyone able to help out?

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There's a full video shot from far away circulating on the networks with this description file:


This video is from Muse's Edinburgh gig on August 24th 2006. I initially only intended to record a couple of songs, but the first one blew me away so I decided to let the tape run. As a result the first 10 songs appear on this video file.


The footage was shot on a High Definition Sony HDR-HC3. I've deinterlaced the footage from 1440x1080i to 1440x540p, and then resized it to 640x360p. The file was encoded with VirtualDub with a 2 pass Xvid. The file should fit on a 99 minute CD, so it can then be played on Xvid compatible DVD players.

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