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Rush - notice any similarities?


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This thread made me literally :LOL: because my dad (who also likes Muse) is ALWAYS telling me that Muse is so much like Rush (who I honestly know nothing about) and he's like "I'm sure someone else must have noticed... look it up!"


And apparently you did :chuckle: I do admit... between my dad's long list of comparisons and reading that article, there seems to be a lot of similiarities. So maybe this WILL be them someday :LOL: We can hope.

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yes and twice the age of muse :indiff:


yes the rush show i went to this year was the best gig i've ever been to and likely ever will do.




no question.


I went this year too. Definitely the best Rush show I've ever seen, and one of the best shows of anyone, ever.


In many ways I enjoyed the Muse show more, though. Both were awesome, each in its own way. You can't beat Rush's musicianship and ability, that's for certain.

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