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They went into a filming studio in LA,for a project.

Tom posted a pic of a spider, matching to his filming..or something like that.

Remember the pic of the band signing a guitar?Matt had a huge back on his shoulders..could have been his costume..


*Shooting of a new video to a song, Halloween style

*doing visuals for a Halloween gig


any other ideas??

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Multiple Facebook comments seem to speculate about a Halloween themed party in Tokyo. No clue what their source is :confused: Wouldn't be the first time they did something special over there...


yes, because the facebook comment section is a great source of reliable information.

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So something LA-related?


If you mean related to what they've been filming in LA then yeah, 100%. If it's something gig-related though then god knows, could be anywhere I think.


bloody hell I'm not ready for this, praying it's just a video

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