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When I looked at the map for this one on Sat, it looked like at least the first 10 rows in the main side sections were VIP. :(


That seems to have been the same elsewhere too. In Quebec, for example, it appeared to be the first 7 rows up in the main sections on both sides that were reserved as VIP. I was actually surprised by just how many VIP seats there were. Doing some quick (and rough) math on the Quebec one, it looks like over 1000 VIP tickets available just in seats, and I don't know how many in GA as well.


A lot of them did sell early, but for the show on the 23rd I noticed there were still quite a few left after the "regular" sections all sold out (and even though the show is now marked as "Sold Out", there are still about 5 VIP tickets available). Makes me wonder how many people got stuck paying $289 a ticket just because they were a bit late getting to it and really wanted to get in....

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Yeah, for what it's worth, I have been surprised to see a number of commercials for the show on I think it has been the local NBC affiliate. I got my tickets Friday afternoon in center stage Section 111, Row T. Was trying to get as close as possible down low while not doing GA as my wife is not a fan of being on the floor. I remember T2L show I believe at what was at the time the US Airways Center and I hope the Gila River Arena isn't too empty this time. :rolleyes:


I got seated tickets for the same exact reason. I ended up getting section 101, row G (non VIP) seats. It seems like seated tickets were the way to go for this concert anyways!


Also, I'm excited to try out the IPhone 6s 4K video capabilities at the concert. I should be able to get some good videos!

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I maintain waiting to see them before drawing judgement. Most likely next week when they have that rehearsal, or when we see videos from Mexico City.


EDIT: Although in saying that, Matt also mentioned the technology also uses computer tech and sensors put around a venue to control them, which even means acrobatics. So I dunno... self-propelled Hullabaloon drones?

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I have quite a bit more knowledge in the field of quadcopters than I want to, and honestly, even expensive ones in the most stable environment aren't something I'd want to fly over the heads of people who could be seriously injured, killed, or sue the company.


Even the expensive ones are prone to a lot of mechanical failures, and can be easier to take down than you'd think. And I promise people out there would be trying their damndest to take them down.


The last thing we need is an interrupted frequency, a blown motor, or a burst battery causing one of these things to come crashing down into a crowd, especially if the props are still running.


Matt was talking about curtains not coming down, and getting stuck on a conveyor below a stage (and there was that time a curtain fail killed several of his guitars, too) - I think it's obvious whatever can go wrong, often does.


Pyro isn't flying over your head, and is probably regulated better nowdays. Hopefully. Although if anyone remembers that Great White incident in the US... yeah, everything that can go wrong. :(

We don't allow it in small venues anymore.

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Why everyone has the idea drones have to fly over people's heads? Ever since the drones rumours came out i've always imagined drones flying over the stage, like 2 or 3 flying in circles or something like that.


Because Matt himself has specifically said "over the crowd" on multiple occasions.


So, besides him recently saying he's never seen this shit in action, that was at least his original intent. Whether it panned out that way or not.

(I always envision Matt drawing these stage set ups on a napkin, and handing it to some poor bastard who has to try and do his best.)


A crew member also said the "in the round" stage was necessary to accommodate the flying stuff, but that is non-specific, and really confusing no matter which way you look at it.

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Where is Chicago?

Where is NYC 2?


These are 2 shows where they are guaranteed to at least sell > 10,000 tickets in the US. Also, Denver and Atlanta are mysteriously absent. I think there will be a few more US dates announced for this leg.


Looks like the NYC show hasn't sold out, so as yet, no demand for that one, even though space is on the calendar for it.


I had assumed Chicago might be slipped in before Detroit, and Denver would fit between Vegas and Vancouver, but now I'm not so sure.

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I'm thinking Chicago has been left off because they are doing Lollapalooza in 2016.


That's a good possibility!


I just check the United Center's schedule. They have January 13th open, which is the day before the Detroit show, so that's totally doable. Otherwise, there are NO DATES in which the UC and Muse's schedules line up. I think it's either January 13th or nothing at all.


The fact that the European tour ends so early in the summer makes me think they have July/August plans in North America, and lollapalooza is usually the first weekend of August.

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Maroon 5 just announced Fall 2016 tour dates with no Chicago show, either. They don't strike me as a Lolla kind of band though.


Muse could easily do both a Chicago arena show and come back 7 months later to do Lolla. I don't believe there would be any kind of festival restriction that far out.

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