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I'm a Llanelli boy. :D I've wanted to hear an American pronounce it :LOL:

James? :happy:


Got a mate from there and it's a word I just accept I'll never be able to pronounce. It involves syllables that just escape me. Living in Wales most of the time really does make me feel so incredibly English mind!


Ha! to be fair, there's people who have been living in Wales all their life and they still cant get it right... ;)

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lol If I try and pronounce some welsh towns to my friends I risk spitting in their face.


Its easy for me being a cardiff boy mind most of the stuff here is easier to pronounce that say up the valleys


At the risk of sounding rapey, where in Cardiff d'you live? And to be fair valleys welsh is like a different language. The same mate spent a fair time trying to arrange a meet up with some proper proper welsh guys he knows and came off the phone after a half hour saying "Fuck knows if we're meeting up 'cause when they speak english I can't understand their accent and when I speak welsh they can't understand mine!"

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