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The definitive "What order should my FX pedals be placed in?" thread


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hmm yeah I saw someone playing a spider in Mansons at the weekend.

so come on then guys what've you got amp-wise?

you mean...what amp do I use? I use a Marshall MG15CDR (basically the Micro Stack but with a different speaker setup) because I can't afford a new amp yet. As soon as I have more money I'm getting a Peavey Classic 30.

If you were after what sort of amps should you get then I would have to ask you how much money you were going to spend on one...

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ok, how bout


fuzz - whammy - delay - phaser - eq


thats my current order. i'm pretty happy with it like that but if theres a combination i should try that may work better in your opinion i'd like to try to to decide for myself so let me know, thanks

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