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Manson Signature Guitars DL-1 (Delorean)


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How do you stop the metal top from oxidising through use?


I don't think you do. :erm:


It was something I worried about when ordering my custom too (why I originally wanted it lacquered for protection), but essentially they just told me that the oxidisation over time was





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Here's a question then. How do you stop the metal top from oxidising through use?


Mine will be all scratched etc, and I don't want mine to oxidise :( I think it's going to be hard to polish that stuff off.


My Ibanez that I covered in aluminium quite a while ago never got too bad. Not sure when that would have been. 2006 maybe? But I trashed the body a year or so ago but it never really looked too different to when it was first done if I recall.


I guess it happens slowly and subtly so you don't really notice.

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The black thing is the Roland GK pickup yes - never understood the extra aluminium knob at the end of it though.


If you'd ever used one, you would understand ;)


I guess it's not the same for everyone, but on my guitars, the GK pickup tends to be right where my picking hand goes. Assuming Bellz is the same, and taking into account his 'vigorous' technique, it's safe to assume that it's there to stop him from destroying the pickup, or more likely his own hand. Plus, looks good innit.

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Would it be possible for a DL-1 to be modified to an Ali Top? :ninja:




I don't see why not. There's a price for floyd rose installation on the shop website from what I remember.


You'd want to add some light swirls to the top as well. I wonder if it was originally like works 001 but matt didn't like it? He seemed to change his mind halfway through the build too, as it's routed for effects, but doesn't have any

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