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Muse Related Pet Names


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When i was in holiday in Florida, there was a cute ginger cat that kept coming up to the mesh around the pool area, and i named him Bellamy. Then we had to move villas, and i didnt see Bellamy again :'(


If i ever get another cat i will call it Bellamy.

If i get new fish i will call them Matt, Dom and Chris. Tehehehe ;)

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Well, since someone else brought this back... :LOL:


When my boyfriend surprised me with a dog a few years back, I named her Bliss.

He immediately vetoed any Muse related names.


Out of spite, I re-named her AmyBelle... and the boyfriend never really caught on.


I pretty quickly changed it to her current name, but her old vet records still reflect that name. :chuckle:

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My rats are called Bell and Amy :p


From top: Amy and Bell. They were like month old when I took this picture and I couldn't think of a name so it stayed like this. Now they're almost 2 years old. :)


reminds me of musesetlist's nickname for Matt :LOL:


the color orange makes me think of OoS but I think Sunburn works :D Hoodoo would be cute, too.

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Of course they had to be rodents.

Omg... Finally, their names make sense.


Those look exactly like the rats my dog made friends with in the driveway the other night.


Literally, made friends with.

The prey instinct is weak in this one...

One of my rats was found by the dog in snow. :)

I have a Westie and she loves Bell&Amy while theoretically she should hunt them. Even my cat is not interested.



Oh, and just imagine the feeling when I call them. 'Bell,Amy come here!' :LOL:

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