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Staff Departure - Goodbye Popey...

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Aww aren't you all kind. Except most of you. And especially Kev.


To clarify, I'm not dying or leaving forever. I'm like the proverbial fart in the waiting room that is the Muse board. I shan't be leaving for a while ;)

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Dearest Pope,


So, you are off. To be honest, this is a good thing for me because making you mod was probably the worst decision since Mr and Mrs Hitler decided to get jiggy that night back in 19-whateveritwas. We've been trying to get rid of you for ages due to your complete ineptitude as a moderator but Kev and I were worried that you'd go and cry whilst masturbating and cut yourself while listening to Papa Roach.


I'm sorry that you didn't manage to pull the young muser boy of your dreams on here. Now you can't ban people, they'll probably stop being nice to you and you'll know that everyone actually hates you, especially me. It's really tedious when you try and get me drunk so you can take advantage of me. I hope you didn't notice the sadness in my eyes when I eventually let you touch my magnificent breasts. I just felt sorry for you. I didn't think it was ok that a man in his 20s should be in the situation you were in, as in, the last pair you touched were your mother's, when you were breastfeeding. At least, I hope it was when you were breastfeeding.


Good luck! But please fuck off now. You shit.


Blee xxx

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You're such a cunt for leaving. Seriously. WHO AM I GOING TO BLAME FOR MY INFRACTIONS NOW, POPEY?! WHO?! :'(




Seriously, though. Thanks for all your shitty hard work in being a distinctly average, run of the mill moderator.


I doubt I will talk to you ever again if I'm honest.








lmao <3

So Popey is steppingdown/retiring hmm...well old bean, I never met you :$ and don't know exactly what you did, but I'm sure that this place would be wonkier without your input. I guess the proof of a good behind-the-scenes-chap is that everything runs smoothly without anybody realising why. A bit like the underwater frantic paddle that is the flipside of a graceful swan.


There you go. Your epitaph = Stuart: like the feet of a swan:LOL:


Do we have to club together for a carriage clock or summat???



and Big Brother :D


Epic Popey love, I saw RL popey in RL and everyfink omg.


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I can actually say I've met you, yay!



You will be missed as a board mod.



HP foreverrrrr. :awesome:

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