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Muscle Museum Discussion Thread


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i love this song.. it's actually in my top 5. One of my favs. sadly the first gig that i went to was in '06 when they seemed to be phasing it out-- I would have LOVED to hear this live. maybe some day.


Musewiki says

As of January 2010, Howard revealed on TripleJ radio, Australia, he'd like to play the song live again, however, due to Bellamy losing the required (rare) effects pedal for part of the song, it's been left out of rotation so far.


Someone should find this pedal and mail it to them. ^_^



Also- Hey You Crazy Kids is the best thing ever.

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It's such an awesome song, and it would be great if they played it live again one day. I was lucky enough to see it in 2004, but at that time it was still a regular, so I didn't appreciate it as much as maybe I should have. :(

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