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Found 5 results

  1. Let’s start over again.... Got some ideas want to share, reaching out to band members and fans . What inspired you to dig deep down, possessed you to constantly evolve, to constantly create such a gigantic universe of frequencies so perfect to the beholder ? listened to your music for over 20 years since unintended debuted on MTV , Every song, every album , everything has a purpose, every moment is a gift and I want to seize this one in sowing the seed of an idea of a sensory story involving nature’s forbidden plant with your open good intended minds. - cell, human, family, community, mammal, legacy The Time is Now #theoxfordhempco @theoxfordhempco #scottbarnes84
  2. i wrote a little sci fi yarn based on the album... but it's aparently too long to post here. I have posted it on facebook though... I still think a rock opera based on the album could work! it would be awesome!!! if you wanna read the story look for me on facebook: kela nnarka francis it's in my notes called waking...
  3. I'm really interested in hearing other Muse fans' input here. I should start by saying I'm a big fan of Origin of Symmetry with Absolution at a close second, so Muse's epic songs and hard-rock jams are all very close to my heart. While of course it's too early to thoroughly judge the album, the previews iTunes now has to offer have given me grave concern that the band is headed in a direction completely opposite that of the OoS and Absolution days. When "United States of Eurasia" was released, I was satisfied with the song's grandeur and thundering harmonic minor runs. "Uprising," however, raised a flag. The originality and authentic Muse-ness felt absent, replaced by a baseline that was a cross between Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People" and Battles' "Atlas." The synth melody felt like a weaker version of Billy Idol's "White Wedding," and the minimal guitar felt thrown in, a mere appeal to the rock and roll spirit that attracted fans like me in the first place. To be quite frank, the song felt empty, and entirely absent the heart and soul that the band seems to put into every song they release. "But that single is just a glimpse at the album," I told myself, "it's probably going to function like Starlight did in BHAR, as a device to draw in a wider consumer base." That was the rationalization I put into place, though I had a knawing at the back of my head at even a comparison to the album that I felt was a step in the wrong direction. Regardless, I held out hope, knowing (praying) that Muse would deliver. Then the iTunes samples came online. I don't believe I'm the first to say it, but I want to start a discourse on it among Muse fans: The Resistance isn't that good. From the 30 second samples, I drew a small list of grievances, after of course I had wiped the tears from my face: Where did the distortion from Chris's bass go? Why all the keyboard synth? What was wrong with piano? Where did the classical influences disappear to? Where is the fuzz factory, the rocking Manson sound? Where is the GUITAR for that matter? What is with this disco vibe? What is with this electronica vibe? Why has the political dissent encouragement in the lyrics been turned up to 11? And finally, WHERE IS THE MUSE I HAVE GROWN TO LOVE? Not here, I say. Not here. I will buy the Exogenesis Symphony, and that is probably all. Please let me know what you think.
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