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Found 2 results

  1. I'm too angry to use the search function. I've loved muse for years now and joined this forum about a year ago after I found it. I'm PISSED about the film soundtracks muse has been contributing to. Twilight was a stab to my heart. Letting Twilight use supermassive blackhole was guaranteed to bring thousands of senseless teenage vampire lover wannabees into the fanbase...no...THEY CANT EVEN BE CONSIDERED FANS Here's one example of a post I found on a Facebook Muse group: For those of you who have been lucky enough to avoid the twilight fad, Cullen is the last name of the dream boy vampire character that girls are orgasming to. THIS IS JUST ONE PRIME EXAMPLE OF THE KIND OF PEOPLE I AM ASSOCIATING MYSELF WITH WHEN I SAY IM A MUSE FAN. I HAVE TO GO OUT OF MY WAY TO EXPLAIN THAT I HATE TWILIGHT AND EDWARD CULLEN AND ALL HIS VAMPIRE BUDDIES. IF ONE MORE PERSON ASKS ME IF I SAW TWILIGHT BECAUSE IM LISTENING TO MUSE I SWEAR... And today as I was sitting down to watch Friday The 13th, Take A Bow starts playing during the preview for The Watchmen. I'm excited about the Watchmen, but this just means that were now also going to have Watchmen fanboys rant about how great Take A Bow is. STOP THIS MUSE. What you're doing is taking a collection of fine/rare coins (we fans) and throwing in a pile of pennies (Twilight/Watchmen fanboys/girls) and going "at least we have more coins in our collection" NO...IT DOESNT MATTER HOW MANY COINS ARE IN YOUR COLLECTION IF THEY'RE ALL A BUNCH OF USELESS PENNIES. Pic related: Its what I want to do to all the twilight fans out there
  2. Muse Bassist Disses Twilight, His Million Dollar Meal Ticket While Muse frontman Matt Bellamy is busy nailing Kate Hudson, bassist Chris Wolstenholme is risking his life by insulting the Twilight franchise…the same franchise that made his band a favorite amongst money-spending Twi-hards around the globe. Muse has appeared on every Twilight soundtrack thus far, and while their dark rock music suits the movies, they’re also a favorite of author Stephenie Meyer. Yes, she has dedicated books to the band. Muse, it seems, is her muse. But Chris ain’t so sold on the whole ‘appear on a cheesy tween movie soundtrack, get billions of fans’ formula, telling BBC’s Radio 1, “It’s very difficult in America, because you don’t have anything like Radio 1, nothing is national. You have to take every opportunity you get over there, and sometimes you have to sell your soul.” Chris also added, “I’m not sure how cool it is to be on those kind of things, but sometimes you’ve just got to get your music out there in different ways.” Oh, we have so many questions. Like, has Chris ever heard of our national radio hero, Ryan Seacrest? Has he listened at all to the 3 soundtracks, which are musically quite kick-ass? Is selling your soul really so bad when it results in you getting to play Madison Square Garden? And also, why is your music so cheesy and crappy? Oops, did we just insert our personal opinion into this post? Sorry about that…we just have a hard time listening to some guy whine about being on awesome soundtracks with the likes of Bon Iver, Lykke Li, Beck, Bat For Lashes, Grizzly Bear, St. Vincent, Iron and Wine, Robert Pattinson…I mean when it comes to the musical company one keeps, he could be doing a lot worse. Suck it up, Chris! Or at least check out your bursting bank account before you lament the loss of your soul. source: http://twilight.thefablife.com/2010-07-14/muse-bassist-dishes-twilight-his-million-dollar-meal-ticket/ I feel the red mist coming on.
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