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Found 2 results

  1. Check out our webpage: www.tsomovie.mu !! "The Global Assault" - a promo clip of the script of the action musical "The Symmetry Origins", based on the Muse songs. #tsomovie is an electrifying and dynamic story, kept in a fantasy genre. The screenplay includes Muse songs from each album up to the Drones. If you like it, You can help us by sharing it, tagging @Muse, @mattbellamy, @domhoward77, @ctwolstenholme78 and @nowherethomas. https://www.facebook.com/tsomovie https://www.instagram.com/j.m.gopek/ https://twitter.com/jmgopek Best Regards from Poland!
  2. Dear Musers! My name is Jarosław Marek GOPEK and I gladly announce to You that I’ve written a screenplay for the Muse action-musical “The Symmetry Origins”. Script is kept in fantasy/sci-fi genre, the action takes place in our world, present times, and it contains Muse songs from each album so far. The Symmetry Origins Eva, an ordinary woman, starts having strange and mysterious dreams, which lead her to the forest near the city. When she finally arrives to the place of her dreams, she learns of her fate and that nothing is impossible from now on. Is she the right person to handle it? [spoiler=Eva - concept art 1] Erik is an electrician repairing the grid in the near town forest by night. By day, he helps Elizabeth with her health problems. After another night all of his work is turned to ruin and Elizabeth is missing. Will he find out what is going on in that dark, haunted forest? [spoiler=Erik - concept art 1] The project Because of what has happened in my life, I wanted to share my idea of a story that I’ve had in my mind for several years. When I was transferring it on the paper, I’ve realised that the story, the characters, and even some dialogs are already there – covered by the music and lyrics of Muse songs. So I’ve decided to fully transform my writing into the screenplay for the movie that Muse has deserved for more than a decade. That is how a dark, neo-gothic script for an energizing and dynamic action musical, first of its kind, has been born. It took me only 1,5 years. [spoiler=Eva - concept art 2] The concept For obvious reasons I won’t write You what songs I used or even how many, but two of them every Muse fan will guess from concept art. In the movie only songs are sung, other dialogues are spoken normally. There aren’t any scenes of synchronised dance – it is the action, bullets, love, and swords dance to the rhythm of Muse. [spoiler=Erik - concept art 2] The future Screenplay for over 2-hour show is ready. My first step is to get a permission, a glance or just a kind word from Muse, because I strongly believe that, in some way, it is also their script. Therefore without Muse’s blessing I don’t want to talk with the movie producers. What is more, this screenplay is the first one I’ve wrote, so it’s difficult for me to catch the attention of big professional studios. That’s why I need and kindly ask for Your help. I hope that with the support from Musers all around the world we can bring this movie to life. The dedication I dedicate this script to the memory of my beloved daughter Chwałka Teresa GOPEK (Gloria is the closest name in English) who passed away at the age of 35 days on May 22nd, 2015. [spoiler=Gloria] The request I kindly ask You to follow me and my idea on this forum and other social media. Together we can make a great thing and I strongly believe that my story and Muse songs will make a tremendous movie! Please follow the #tsomovie #museical #jmgopek. [spoiler=The Family] Best Regards from Koszalin, Poland. Jarosław Marek Gopek
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