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Found 1 result

  1. We’re calling all Muse fans from all over the world to join our little project – don’t worry, it won’t hurt . Our secret project is named “2-0-1-0 – scrapbook for Matthew Bellamy” (it’s this wonky toothed guy from Muse ). We know that Matt’s already got plenty of scrapbooks, but we thought that this one was a little bit different than the other ones, as this one got a theme. I – AM – and another Muser – Assa – wrote a story called “2-0-1-0” that is mostly based on a book “1984” written by George Orwell. We added Musey accents as whole band characters and to make “revolution take its toll” we need to unify and believe in power of music. Also, it’s written in a way of a journal, so it’s like Matt’s writing down his thoughts. As we simply can’t get into his brain, we’ve used Muse lyrics and our imagination + little parts of interviews to make it. Why am I writing it? Here’s the thing – scrapbook got two parts: ● themed part ● “normal” part Themed Part is connected with the “2-0-1-0” story (Muse/music saving the world) and book “1984”. ● you can make any kind of illustration (drawing, painting, photography) connected with the story of "1984" or "2-0-1-0". ● you can also write a poem in a spirit of the story or a book “1984” OR rewrite some Muse lyrics (just don’t copy and paste “Resistance” hehe) Simply – anything connected with the subject Muse/music saving the world is welcome and appreciated. We trust your creativity and fantasy. ”Normal” Part is a typical scrapbook. ● drawings, paintings, photos; caricatures, portraits (of Matt/whole band(?)) something connected with Matt’s interests scuba-diving, conspiracy theories, universe etc ● letters, thanks to him But yep, I write it all down, because some people told me they don’t know what to make, so these are just examples of what you can add. Just remember that it can not be insultive, but I guess it’s obvious. Open your mind, free your mind and create something for Matt, it’s as simple as that . We’re gonna give it to Matt at 11th September 2010, so today it’s the start of collecting your works. As the deadline came at 1st of August, we can still recive your works till 4th August, since I'm leaving at 5th to print the book Send your works at: farmermattbook@hotmail.com ; write your: username, real name and your country in the email – it’s all of the scrapbook, we won’t use it anywhere else. If you have any questions about the scrapbook PM: ● AMfromPoland!! (send me PM also if you want to send your original work for the scrapbook) ● Trefline (Assa) We’ll answer all of your questions. We hope you’ll take part in this project and help us. These people already joined our “forces underground”: Glorious Resistance, T-Rex, Bloody Countess, Kuutar, Aurora Borealis, HighRevoltage, AMfrompoland!!, Trefline, hutterflies&burricanes, EwKa_WiLdEr, Magdalena(L)Muse, Mizutsu, cecdomatic, Tanya Marie, Kriistaque, Lizzie_loves_Muse, HullaGirl, Kaisa, muse4lyf, xMaris, Ammeeria, MUSEingJoshuaTree. Let’s show how much we love this “too short to be sexy” guy for giving us such a wonderful gift with his band – the gift of music. Day 1 - 14thSeptember 2009 - AllSoArty - RECIVED IT. Day 2 - 21stOctober 2009 - mafalda01 - RECIVED IT. Day 3 - 22ndOctober 2009 - Melania13 - RECIVED IT. Day 4 - 31stOctober 2009 - Xx_MUSE_xX - RECIVED IT. Day 5 - 4thNovember 2009 - notreallyclever - RECIVED IT. Day 6 - 13thNovember 2009 - xuwang - RECIVED IT. Day 7 - 29thNovember 2009 - Alliana0x - RECIVED IT. Day 8 - 15thJanuary 2010 - Kriistaque - RECIVED IT. Day 9 - 11thMarch 2010 - Lady_Macbeth - RECIVED IT Day 10 - 17thApril 2010 - Jass - RECIVED IT. Day 11 - 3rd May 2010 - Bloody Countess - RECIVED IT. Day 12 - 9th June 2010 - thepixiey - RECIVED IT. Day 13 - 26thJune 2010 - malice-illyria - RECIVED IT. Day 14 - 17thJuly 2010 - AMfromPoland!! - GOT IT. Day 15 - 2ndAugust 2010 - EwKa_WiLdEr - RECIVED IT. Day 16 - 10thAugust 2010 - OriginOfShowbiz - RECIVED IT. Day 17 - 4thSeptember 2010 - runda99 - RECIVED IT. Day 18 - 10thSeptember 2010 - Mushroom-Knight - RECIVED IT. Day 19 - 11thSeptember 2010 - lil'blulalo! - RECIVED IT. To people from the list: remember to draw it, but also - if you don't want to make it anymore tell it NOW to us (by PMing me) so we can find another person to make it. Just please - don't make it like 15 days before ending the deadline. Link to the story Rite, just a short notice Do not use this scrapbook as a thing to give your contact details to Matthew. It's simply weird getting a letter: contact me at (...) write back at (...). He's a busy person and it's like 5% that he'll write back. Also we want him to enjoy reading nice comments from fans. It's not to offend anyone - just don't treat this scrapbook as an "address book". Thank you for concern .
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