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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I am new, and I don't have friends on here, but i think you will like this. it's a job for your imagination... okay. you are a pupil in a school of [MUSE]. your teachers are Matt, Dom and Chris (they can be principals, or somebody other). so describe your day in your school! example: today was chemistry. Matt helped us to chose our hair color. and he helped us to dye it! he ended up green, cause somebody spilled the paint. and Dom was so funny during the dance lesson. he did the BUMBUM dance. okay. that wasn't much of an example, but you know the point. try to make it funny, and you can even use role-play! enjoy.
  2. Simple concept, what do you personally think are Muse's 'Best' in each of the following categories? I know there are tons of threads about what's your fave this or the best that, but this one kinda sums it all up in an award-ceremony stylie (lolwut). You can picture red carpets, trophies, aliens, zetas and whathaveyou if you want... and the best part is, no matter what you've selected as the winner, Muse will always be the ones collecting the award! Yes, I have no life... Best song: Best song played live: Best live performance: Best live show/ gig: Best studio album: Best single: Best dvd: Best b-side: Best cover: Best jam/ riff (e.g. Osaka/ Maggies' Farm etc.): Best collectible release (e.g. OoS promo with screwdriver/ Muse EP etc.): Best video: Best lyric: Best song/album name: Best opener: Best closer: Best setlist (name the gig): Best riff: Best drumming on a song: Best bass-line: Best drum kit: Best guitar (instrument): Best bass (instrument): Funniest moment: Best tour: Best 'intimate' gig (smaller venue): Best piano song: Best album artwork: Best single artwork: Best Bellamy (Matt's hair/ clothes era): Best-looking member: Best dressed member: Most talented member: Bloody 'ell that's a lot of categories . Add more if you can think of any, I've run outta ideas . You can use the above as a template and paste your answers in. So, get voting! PS - it might be fun to make a 'Worst' equivalent thread for all those categories, too...
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