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  1. Hi everyone! We are a podcast and we’re about to spend nearly a whole year talking about Muse. We are three music fans and will be doing a deep dive on every Muse album, track-by-track, exploring the context behind the making of the albums, the history and biography of the band, and their cultural impact along the way. That might sound super dry and boring, but it’s about Muse and we’re three good friends, so we’ll be having some laughs along the way. We’ll dedicate at least one episode to every album (sometimes more!) and we’ll also do commentaries for their films and live shows, Muse news, and we’ll have some guests too! We just spent a year going through the career of Manic Street Preachers and managed to get authors, journalists, people who have worked with the band, music producers, and actual Hollywood actor Michael Sheen. Our angle is a little different to most other podcasts. One of our hosts is a huge Muse fan, has seen them live more times than we can count, has followed them since Origin of Symmetry and never left them since (and has long been posting on this forum). Another of our hosts is a casual fan, has heard a handful of the albums and generally quite likes what he has heard. Our third and final host used to love them, but is not really a fan of the band these days. This was the case in our last season and we found it leads to much more interesting discussions about music and bands than just having three mega-fans wax lyrical about their entire career! Hopefully you agree! We’re really looking forward to getting stuck into this, and we’re also really looking forward to talking to all of you! Our podcast is called What Is Music?: A Music Podcast About Music. This season is called Are You Amused? We’d love to hear from you, either in the comments, or on our socials. @whatismusicpod most places (Twitter, Insta, Facebook). Let us know what your favourite Muse albums are, when you’ve seen them live, how you got into them, maybe some things you’re not so keen on? We know there’s no other Muse podcast out there, so we’re expecting you Muse fans to come out in force. Please be gentle! The first episode is released on February 1st, but you can hear a trailer right now. Head to whatismusic.buzzsprout.com and pick your favourite podcast provider to subscribe. Please subscribe now. Don’t waste your time, or time will waste you.
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