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Found 7 results

  1. I, and a few others, have felt that the last 3 Muse albums have left a little to be desired. Conversely, some of Muse's best songs ever written are on their last 3 albums (The Resistance, The 2nd Law and Drones). I wanted to make a Best Of album to show that Muse have still got their spark and compiled an almost perfect Muse album from their last 3 studio offerings. I love making playlists, and I love giving my playlists a little fanfare. One of the most important things about this playlist is its track order. I've split the Exogenesis Symphony into two interludes. Splitting pt.3 away on its own with Drones preluding it (surprisingly, it works incredibly well). I also thought that Reapers was befitting of an album finisher and that The Handler was a killer opener. My personal favourite Muse track ever is Animals, goddamn, so good. What do you guys think, I've posted the link above. Would you do anything different, add/remove songs, change the order etc. Above all, Enjoy!
  2. I think we deserve this opening really we do and I'm totally not a selfish person who tries to get everybody to get the boys attention to finnally give us that song which gave my ears something close to an orgasm so who else wants the original version of this opener?
  3. What's your favourite Muse song since Black Holes and Revelations? This includes all album tracks for Black Holes and Revelations, The Resistance and The 2nd Law, excluding Neutron Star Collision and the three Exogenesis' due to poll limit (Would include earlier albums too but poll limit is 30). This is also why I've classed the two 2nd Law's together. Just interested to see how my favourites rank along the wider community's Mine is a tough call between Uprising, Supremacy and Supermassive Black Hole!
  4. Hey! Some friends produced my newest drum cover video Tell me what do yo think.
  5. I had a dream the other night about Muse and I feel like it would make an awesome game/movie/music video. Basically Matthew figured out that he could control peoples minds with music, and he used this power to take over the world! The band became the evil overlords of the world, with Matthew as supreme overlord, Chris as his mighty henchman (He drove a giant bass playing robot that basically destroyed what he wanted with a simple cord), and Dominic became his mad scientist who experimented for better ways to control people. The problem was that people that were used to listening to Muse music seemed to be immune to the hypnotic noises that the band had created to control people. Muse let all those immune to their spell become the greater power of the world, but there were those of us who believe that people needed their freedom and we led a resistance against Muse, and tried to find artist around the world that could help find a way to stop people from being controlled. Basically me and three friends went around and kicked Muse droney ass, to get to Bellamy and stop him. I would slice people with my duel swords, Connor used a electric guitar looking axe, Marco carried a large keyboard with guns inside (think Wolf from Trigun), and Dan stood in the back with his computer and just sort of supported us with whatever we needed. On a sidenote. So excited to see them in Charlotte in September!
  6. For me, and this may be an opinion a few others share, the last two albums have been minor disappointments. I understand the need to keep things fresh and there are some great tracks on both The Resistance and The 2nd Law but most agree there are also some stinkers. I would be interested to see what song choices other fans would make in the purely hypothetical situation where the best tracks from the 2nd Law and The Resistance were combined and released as one album after BH+R and how successful or well-received it may have been. After much deliberation, here's my choices: Track 1: Supremacy Fantastic opener, one of the many highlights of the new album. Sounds stunning live. Track 2. Uprising Another good track which launched the band in the US further than any single before, yet it seemed unusual as an opening to an album, hence it is now track 2. Track 3. Resistance Never really liked the tune personally, but I appreciate the themes and the source of inspiration. Plus it smashes tracks 4 and 5 from the 2nd Law out of the water and the "we must ruuuuun" section is awesome! Track 4. Undisclosed Desires The first time I heard this was on BBC's coverage of the band's "A Seaside Rendezvous" concert in Teignmouth and it blew me away. Very Depeche Mode and whilst it has divided fans ever since, I happen to think it's one of the more genius forays into electronic music the group has made. Track 5. Panic Station After a three song run from the Resistance I thought it was time to mix things up a tad. This track should be the albums next single and one of the only songs on the 2nd Law I instantly loved. The funk-pop vibe is spot on and proof the band can do almost any genre and make it sound awesome. Track 6. Follow Me Whilst I think it sounds a bit too much like Nero ft. Matt Bellamy I do think it works and sounds appropriately serious after the funk of track 5. The track also sounds good in an arena (as long as Matt keeps his guitar round his neck!). Track 7. Unnatural Selection OK the riff sounds too much like New Born and not too many people like the breakdown but the relief that washed over me when I heard the entirety of the Resistence in 2009 and a strictly rock track had remained, without the cheese, without the choirs and without the operatic-ness, was intense and for that reason alone, I felt it deserved a place. Track 8. MK Ultra A fantastic highlight of a largely disappointing album. This threw me back to the old days of Muse, the paranoia and made-for-concert riffs. Often doesn't get the praise it deserves except from people on this forum. Track 9. Animals It's fitting that both my favourite tracks from the respective two albums are back to back at the end here before the final "set piece". Animals is a masterpiece. There, I said it. I love Animals. I can't stop playing Animals, that includes live versions. It takes the best elements of old classics like Screenager and Falling Away With You then adds a kick-ass outro, all within a 5/4 time signature, and with creepy undertones about the tools who have ruined our economy. It's hilarious and genius, I love it. Tracks 10-12. Exogenesis Symphony Ultimately it was always going to boil down to this or the final two "2nd law" tracks to close the album and personally, I think there's no competition. Whilst I can appreciate that Unsustainable's guitar-step backbone is inspired and sounds just as good in the flesh, I think that Exogenesis is wonderful, even for those who don't really come by classical music that often, such as myself. It's telling that the 15 minute track was written pre-2009, because it doesn't sound needlessly included or "too much", like most of the string and piano sections on the 2nd Law. A perfect closer for any Muse album. I understand this may seem pointless but I thought it would be fun and I am very much interested to see what others will have as their choices. It also looks like I enjoyed The Resistance more than the 2nd Law, but that's not the case. My reasons for the omitted tracks are below: Madness (Really can't stand the song) Prelude Survival (Some great guitar sections, but the lyrics are AWFUL, plus the choir sounds hugely unnecessary) United States of Eurasia (not bad but too much Freddie for my liking, plus it usurped Butterflies and Hurricanes on the live playlist for a while - inexcusable!) Explorers (Not sure what Matt was thinking with this one, it's like Soldier's poem got a shot of camp straight to the xylophone) Guiding Light (Poor poor song. It's not even the cheese or Brian May-lite riffs which disappoint me, it's just SO DAMN BORING) Big Freeze (Actually don't dislike this as much as others do. I certainly don't think it's the worst song on the new album. The chorus is good) I Belong to You (Not terrible, just don't think it would work in the "combo-album". Plus it was allowed to be in a Twilight movie. Next.) Save Me Liquid State (Both of Chris' tracks are admirable efforts, and I'm glad someone else had writing and vocal duties for a change, but still don't particularly listen to either song. Sorry Chris!) The 2nd Law: Unsustainable The 2nd Law: Isolated System (Like I mentioned, it was this or Exogenesis. Yeah, exactly)
  7. So I painstakingly hand crafted/baked a Muse-related cake for my friend for her birthday. Suffice to say my hands were stained with food colouring for the next few days, but it went down a treat! Thought this was a good place to get some Muse cake-art appreciation
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