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Found 6 results

  1. hooglebug

    AF Guitars

    Hellooo! iv been on the muse live forums for quite a while and someone said i should post this on here too. so i am. This thread is basically just showing the guitars i make as/when i make them. some people seem to be interested so i thought i would show, and i always like seeing other peoples builds, so i cant be alone. anyway, to get them out of the way as im sure everyones rather sick of them by now - i made this one for myself a few years ago. it was the third guitar id ever made, after a gap of 5 years since the one before it its currently getting a makeover - new neck as the original was huge, and remirrored with normal mirror as its cheaper than coloured. then i made this one for someone - the change in shape was down to him as he didnt just want a straight copy. he never got it in the end as circumstances meant he couldnt pay for it, but someone else bought it and loves it. which is nice. now onto my own designs. so far iv only made two of my designs. this first one was made for my friend. its a SAKURA model - this one is a Sakura Svelte (semi-hollow) Custom (maple front and back, bolt on neck). it has Bare Knuckle P92's with a tuned filter that filters out the mids and gives an acoustic type sound at the turn of a knob. this is the latest one iv done, and the best so far. its a DESIREE. it has a South American Mahogany body with flame maple top (tropical lagoon stain - looks more blue in some of the pics than it is), a one piece Wenge neck with Wenge fretboard and Rosewood binding. Bare Knuckle Mississippi Queen and Nailbomb (with custom etched cover) and Gotoh hardware these are my other designs. IMPRESSIONIST, DECO D, DECO S, AYA, ARCHTOP, SAKURA BASS, DESIREE BASS, DECO S BASS, DECO D BASS
  2. Just thought it would be a nice place for people to post stuff they are working on. Here some pics of my current project. Slow progress!
  3. Hi ! I'm a proud Manson MA-2 owner (note: not MB owner *sigh*) and I have just purchased a black glitter MB-1 "replica" from some chinese people calling themselves "world famous luthiers" over at http://www.rareelectricguitar.com. What I am going to do with this guitar is mainly just fool around with it, insert some effects perhaps and just have fun. Cost me 500 $ included shipping, and I just went for it. But my question is, do any of you guys here have experience with this website? Seems legit too me. They're communicating well through email etc. And secondly, do you guys have any ideas or tips'n tricks regarding effects, pickups etc. (PS: looking forward to those "you were scammed bro" comments xD )
  4. So Im starting my 007 copy (minus all advanced electronics) but with a twist... Neck - Maple Fretboard - Rosewood Body..... - .........Balsawood Before you start posting 'Balsawood is too soft, balsawood is craptastic for guitars' think again.. There is heavy balsa, just as with every wood. Sooooo... heres the blanks... A couple of questions to the wise... 1) Is it possible to use a tele headstock and cut the manson shape into it? 2) For anyone who owns a mattocaster or the like... what is the thickness of yours? Cheers, DRUMMERGUY
  5. Hello, I know this will probably get merged into the "Luthiery thread" but, it had no help on there. I am making a Manson Replica, and instead of starting from scrath, I took an old guitar, not even sure what it is, all I know is that it is a Westone thunderbird methinks I have a P90 in the neck (as always ) and an EMG in the bridge, 2 Vol, 2 Tone and a 3-Way selector. How the *%$@ do I wire these up? I have Pics, but I'm not too sure how to upload them Thanks EDIT: Westone Spectrum ST
  6. Hi, I was looking for a cheap solution for chroming (so I don't have to spend a good 300 squids on a Sims job) and I came across these guys http://www.chromespray.co.uk/flashchrome.html, dunno if they're good or not, but anyone got a decent and affordable place to get a decent chrome job? EDIT: doesn't have to be real chrome, just the effect really
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