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Found 11 results

  1. Use this thread to post and discuss all the little Muse NME pieces that they like to spam us with, or short reviews or articles that don't require their own thread. Full length articles can have their own thread.
  2. Chryse


    The offspring of Megalomania, Screenager, Shine, and Radiohead http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ni6Fx2r48ag&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTg6XGG-ECo&feature=player_embedded Kill yourself, go on and do us all a favor. /riffs
  3. ALLAH1488


    Welcome to RUSSIA!!!
  4. I'll start with light contrast. Â Apocalypse Please and Panic Station. Â What other two songs do you think represent MUSE at opposite ends of the spectrum?
  5. Which songs or/and albums made Muse famous?
  6. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. I'm starting a work about Muse and I need every possible information on the band and so on. I was asking myself if Matthew in the early years' interviews (or later) has ever spoke his mind about Radiohead. Some fans report that he dislikes them, but there is some common ground in the first album, and I have to presume that he probably listened to Pablo Honey and The Bends, at least. Has he ever openly spoke his mind about them in any interview? Important: I am not interested into any kind of Muse vs Radiohead debate, really. Thanks!
  7. Started recording bass covers recently for my youtube channel but its kinda empty Any of you guys have a suggestion for a good song to do a bass cover on? Thanks for the attention http://www.youtube.com/user/joel1524
  8. Hey people, This has probably been posted before, but I lack the wit to search the forums for replies. I went on holiday to Crete last year with Muse on my iPod, providing me with many deep moments as I sat on the "philosophical rock" contemplating life and the Universe (I'd never istened to them before to be honest). Now I'm not saying Muse are all played out (I still listen to them) but for this years holiday, I'm looking for a similar experience. I suppose it's hard because Muse are somewhat unique in sound, but can anyone suggest some new music that would sit well with me on this years Philosophical Rock? I appreciate your answers. Robin
  9. There's always so much debate around which band is the best, who has the best songs, who's best live, who continues to surprise etc. But who has the largest Fan Base? Its clear that Muse have The Best fan base, but who has the biggest?
  10. ok, so im a HUGE muse fan, but i love Radiohead too. the first muse song i heard (which was years back) was time is running out on K-Rock. and i thought to myself, "Wow! Radiohead came back with a new song and its great!!" (sry! i hurt muse! lol) of course, know i know better after my science teacher ( i know, can i get any more dumb) gave me their CDs and i really became a Muse fan. at first, i thought they sounded like radiohead, but now, i realize that muse's early stuff sounds a bit like radiohead, but BH&R really doesnt. what do u think? and does anyone else like radiohead?
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