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Found 5 results

  1. While I was looking through some old threads on the Muse subreddit, I claim across a link to a user in r/poppunkers who was talking about the old AOL hotline Matt had. For those who don't know, Matt had this email set up so that fans could send him nudes. The user in r/poppunkers remembers a case where a 16 year old girl send Matt non-nude pictures. Matt (allegedly) responded asking for more. In response, the girl told Matt she was 16. He responded by asking to see her breasts. The user concludes by suggesting that this incident would have been well known as the message board, suggeesting that others would know as well. The user deleted their account about a day after making the post. Obviously, this is an extremely serious allegation. Asking for nudes of a 16 year old is child pornography under UK law, and if Matt did this, he is not only sleazy but actually evil. Can anybody who used the boards back in the day confirm or deny this, or tell me if Matt had an over-18 rule for nudes? I really hope this isn't true, as I am a huge Muse fan and want to continue supporting them. EDIT: Here is the original comment:
  2. I hadn't listened to Drones in quite a while, but I got Reapers stuck in my head out of nowhere today and wanted to listen to it. When I opened the Drones album in my library on Apple Music though, I noticed three tracks were greyed out (Drill Sergeant, JFK, and The Globalist), but the rest of the album was fine and, as far as I can tell, no other Muse song is randomly greyed out in any other album Does anyone know why these three are suddenly unavailable, and if they're gonna come back? Are they missing in other countries too or is it just an issue with the Canadian Apple Music? Does spotify have this issue too?
  3. Hi my name is Dylan, I'm new here and this is my first thread. I just wanted to start an active thread so that i can get involved in the community. Â So what I want to know is, What is your favourite Muse song that hasnt been released as a single, so for example no Dead Star, Time Is Running Out, New Born and so on. Â I'd also like to know what is your favourite song to see the guys perform live, with all the special effects and everything?
  4. Hi, This Is my first post on the forum and I just wanted to say hi. See how you do on my Muse Quiz.. No cheating Q1 - What is the song 'Hysteria' written about? Q2 - What is Matt's son's name? Q3 - What Muse song are the following lyrics from? ''The wavelength gently grows Coercive notions re-evolve A universe is trapped inside a tear It resonates the core Creates unnatural laws Replaces love and happiness with fear'' Q4 - What were the band called before 'Muse'? (Name any) Q5 - Complete the following anagrams - IRSUISNGP - YSTAHIER - CRSITEANSE - BNSRUUN Q6 - What colour is the background on the 'Origin Of Symmetry' album cover? Q7 - Who was the last member to join the band? Q8 - What world record does Matt Bellamy hold? Q9 - What did Matt use to personalise Muse's rendition of Feeling Good? Q10 - Including Prelude, how many songs are on Muse's 6th album The 2nd Law? Thanks for reading Si
  5. Hi there, people! I was at the Rome show and I fully recorded it in audio... BUT I don't know if sharing will be allowed due to the show being filmed for DVD and stuff. The recording isn't the best around (I was there basically to enjoy myself, and moreover the sound at the bottom of the stadium wasn't precisely perfect) but it would be a nice memory for those who were there! Anyone knows if the sharing of this show will be allowed? Here's a teaser (Follow Me - you can hear Matt saying "La prossima canzione e para il mio figlio", which means "this next song is for my son")... http://www.goear.com/listen/df44e35/follow-me-muse Thanks in advance
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