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Found 4 results

  1. This thread will be used for discussion of the monthly photography challenge only; general photography discussion can be held here. The first post in this thread will be edited according to theme. Rules Only submit one new image, taken by you for the challenge (e.g. no old images that suit the theme!) Upload before the last day of the month (Sunday March 31st). Send the direct link of the image / Flickr BB code to Matthijs as well so he can make a voting thread. Highest number of votes wins; winner set the new challenge for next month Anyone can join, so feel free to participate. Winner January: Deano. (theme: extreme angles) Winner February: Polythenelucy (theme: reflections) Winner March: Mitzutsu (theme: alive) Winner April: Matthijs (theme: Extreme Lighting) Winner May: Deano. (theme: Long Exposure) Theme June: Self portraits/self shots
  2. by Mizutsu by Ro by polythenelucy by adds if I've missed anyone or you have a late entry please let me know before it's too late and I'll try and get a mod to add you on to the poll! (and I really hope I've done all this right haha)
  3. Heya everyone, My name is Ken and I'm a music journalist/photographer in New York. Last week I got to photograph Muse, a band that I've loved for years. I used to be more of a reader then a poster on this forum during the pre/post Resistance days and kind of fell off track with the forum but I never forgot about it. The reason I'm posting is because my photographs from the show are up now. I'd love it if you guys were to take a look, cheers. (NOTE: I did look at the prefixes/rules for posting and tried my best to make sure I was following those guidelines, apologies if I did not). http://kenami.tumblr.com/post/48628520141/concert-recap-muse
  4. Nike Installation @ Staples Center by Lucy (嘉莉), on Flickr (polythenelucy) Extreme Angle - Lantern by MatthijsQ, on Flickr (Matthijs) by dan. By Miss T Angles by vand-art (adds) By Mc Queen Tall Trees by KangaRo, on Flickr (Ro) By Mizutsu By Deano. By Δ
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