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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone well it's been a long time and im going to see them again in quebec city and i think its about time i explain to all those who say "why is Muse so amazing" ill tell you P.S get ready for a landslide. When i was 8 years old my parents got divorced and i lost 12 thats right 12 very close people to me aunts, uncles, and most of all my grandparents i suffered for years now anyone who lives in ontario canada knows muse is never on the radio. One day i just had enough im sorry for all you haters out there but life was to harsh to bare... I set aside a bottle of pills one morning and about a quart of rum and i set of to highschool (grade 12) and i told all my teachers i was going on vacation to california when really i was going to go home and kill myself... Then i walked into my last classroom but i had to wait for my teacher to finish her class before i could tell her. THEN at that moment Invincible came on the radio and i was approached by the most amazing girl ive ever seen and she asked me to help her for a second this was on april 23rd 2009 and we became connected it was amazing and no word of a lie as she said will you help me with my project Muse sang "Together We're invincible" ...... Folks... That girl and muse has kept me alive for a whole year as of April 26th 2010 Why is Muse amazing? Muse is amazinf because they gave people who lost hope.. hope again and their lyrics speak to us in ways other bands dont. I dont know any of you people but i know we matter because of Muse we all love the band and because of that we are united You may be gangster, prep, goth, emo, doesnt matter because we care about the same thing and THAT is what matters. So to everyone on the forum THANK YOU because i want you to know YOU TOO just by taking part in loving this band saved my life take care everyone. Thank you, Mike Weishar
  2. If no, why? If yes, how? In a good/bad way? Personally, Muse has done so many good things in my life. - My ears can enjoy the melody and the intelligence of the instruments coming together, while my brain can pick apart the lyrics and analyse the deep meaning. - Their songs have such raw emotion and important themes, and I believe some of the songs helped me to express my own frustrations in life in a healthy way - The resistance was partly inspired by a book I believe- 1984, which as a result, I read, and started my obsession with meaningful books and my interest in world issues, governments and corruption, etc. - The lyrics in some songs (like butterflies & hurricanes) made me realise how I can and should achieve to my full potential, as everyone should aim to be. That's all I can think of right now, ahh I need to study for my mid-terms! Sorry this is so long! This is my first thread, and well, I wanted it to be thought-provoking! ...I think Muse has just made me appreciate music and life more. So WBU?
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