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Found 4 results

  1. Let’s start over again.... Got some ideas want to share, reaching out to band members and fans . What inspired you to dig deep down, possessed you to constantly evolve, to constantly create such a gigantic universe of frequencies so perfect to the beholder ? listened to your music for over 20 years since unintended debuted on MTV , Every song, every album , everything has a purpose, every moment is a gift and I want to seize this one in sowing the seed of an idea of a sensory story involving nature’s forbidden plant with your open good intended minds. - cell, human, family, community, mammal, legacy The Time is Now #theoxfordhempco @theoxfordhempco #scottbarnes84
  2. I'm just gonna copypasta the text I put on Reddit a few minutes ago here: I've been given an assignment this week to make a portrait of myself against other people in the world. I decided that since I like Muse that I would base my project on them somehow. I've come up with this idea to map the world by how people from different parts of the world use a set lyrics part of Knights of Cydonia. I choose because it always gets me really hyped when I'm out running and it's always my favorite part when it's played live too. I have a jpeg the size of an A4 below. All I ask is that you fill it in what ever way you want. Color it, take a picture of it, shred it to bits. As long as I have some sort of visual of what it looks like in the end with a mention of what country you're from. I hope to get a lot of visuals. Please just send me an imgur link or something where I can download it from. I hope you guys can help me with this, I think it can only work if a lot of people add to it tl;dr Can you make your own version of attached knights of cydonia lyrics and send it back to me or on this forum. As for the A4:http://imgur.com/EVuCdeM
  3. Hello ! Musers... I'll Introduce Myself : I'm Mr.Annonymous ! But You can Call me Leon I'm 5 Stars Music Producer ! I'm very Well Known With my Musical Styles Which I Created in And Mastered ...: - Rock (Alt,Prog,Modern,Symphonic....) - Metal (Alt,Prog,Black,Symphonic....) - Classical ( Dead Symphonies ) - Gothic ( Piano & Violin Track ) [Easy Listenings] And Others ..Like Rap, And salsa , and Western And Electronic ..and so on ... You can Google My Name You'll find My Work ! " DM Darkned" ... However, i loved Matt's Work ! ...I mean I felt A musical knowledge through His Tracks ...Moreover : As We all know Muse's Best song is "Knights Of Cydonia" and it's my fav's as well ... My cover To Their is Extraordinary ! ..I didn't Repeat the Whole Song ! but i have add An Orchestra Symphony from Behind ! ...This Cover Is Classified As The best Cover That has Ever Been done for Muse ...!! Listen And Enjoy The Show !: I'll Be Working On The Video Which Will Suite Their Song ...! By DM Darkned ! I Present To you Knights Of Cydonia [Remodeled]. MIDI Version : Studio Version : Ps : The Guitar Is a MIDI guitar connected ... Reallpc 3 Samples are used in this track ! so can simply say there's no true strong play .. My Facebook Is : https://www.facebook.com/darkned.phobier ... All The best !
  4. Hello, I made a music video for Knights of Cydonia using footage from Joss Whedon's Serenity and thought it might be of interest to some of you (if there are any fellow Brown Coats out there ). If you're not familiar with the show Firefly, it was a Sci-Fi/Western show, which is why I feel it fit well with KoC. If you haven't seen the show, I urge you NOT to watch this video and instead watch the show and movie first (because *spoilers* are shown). I think the feel of the song fits the feel of the show, but also the story behind the movie fits well with the message of the song and the overall dystopian message behind many Muse songs. So, I hope you enjoy! (I also have music videos to the Exogenesis Symphony & Endlessly paired with such movies as V for Vendetta and The Truman Show, if you like this one and want to see similar ones! They're linked in the info for this video.)
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