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Found 2 results

  1. Liron

    Israel for Muse

    So just to make a point before I start getting all those 'when a thread gets locked' links... this thread isn't asking when and if Muse are coming here and hopefully this thread won't come across as a 'begging' thread, that isn't our intention. Basically the Musers here are doing all they can and probably more than anyone has ever done before to bring their favorite band over and seeing as this is a Muse forum, we figured we should tell you all about it and hopefully get some more support Some of you may recall how much effort we've put into bringing Muse to Israel in 2007 and that we actually had a show scheduled. A show which was later cancelled (for the record, the band isn't to blame...). We've written letters, made several projects, passed stuff to Muse themselves and at the same time promoted a big petition to bring them to Israel (ipetitions.com/petition/museisrael). When all that failed and the show was cancelled, we were told that the tour was finishing and that we won't get to see them over before 2010. So what can you do? We waited patiently! (plus those of us capable of doing so flew around to see them). ^^ we gave Muse 'a star' from the Israeli fans.. that day we also gave Dominic his scrapbook. Greece 2007 ^^ some of the lucky ones who quickly managed to fly over for a show after the Israeli show was cancelled. Hungary 2007 (there were around 50 of us there and many more flags lol) Now we're in 2010 and we're back to our old tricks. However, this time Muse are bigger than ever in our little country, with more radio plays than before and The Resistance being the third best selling album of the year by an international artist and chosen no.1 as most favorite. Thanks to that of course we're gaining even more support this time around. We've got a brand new website (http://muse.org.il - if anyone wants Hebrew lessons, let me know ), we've had articles detailing our efforts in some of the biggest Israeli news/music websites and we're in touch with literally every big show producer in the country. One of these producers has already mentioned all these producers are virtually fighting over Muse with everyone wanting to be 'remembered' as those who brought the best live act in the world to our country. But for some reason things are moving extremely slowly if at all... So right now we're pushing our new petition (with over 4000 members already!) forward - http://bring.museisrael.com And we'd just be happy to hear from others and get as much support as possible from people all around the world. And if/when Muse do come here, you can all come and stay at my place knowing the Israeli fans, they'll be so excited the show will be a must to all those who can make it!! 2009 was a good year for shows around here (Madonna with 2 gigs 50,000 sold out.. Leonard Cohen 50,000... Depeche Mode 25,000.. And smaller shows like Faith No More 7000, Dream Theater 12000... you get the point! The people here like live shows). Pixies, Santana and Dave Matthews Band (happy ) were already announced for 2010. But something's missing. Rise up and take the power back.. etcetc http://bring.museisrael.com EDIT: full list of what we've done so far... http://muse.org.il/israel/doneeng.htm
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRriNuuFO9Y If you like, join our resistance and send it to everyone you know!
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