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Found 2 results

  1. Any lyrics you really can't stand? Mine world be 'Stretch it like a birth squeeze' hate that line it ruins the song for me, always makes me cringe, and all of starlight cos it's far too cheesy.
  2. Some of the posts in the Muse Dreams thread, as well as the YKYATMW thread, got me thinking. I joke around about being obsessed, but after seeing some Annie Wilkes-ish stuff I've realized I'm not that hardcore I haven't been on this board long at all, and I haven't been listening to Muse for very long either, maybe 2 months. Prior to that I had Space Dementia on my iPod for a year before it occurred to me to listen to the rest of the album to see if there was anything else I liked I listen to their records, watch/read interviews, watch live performances, check Twitter a few times a week to see if there's anything new, and the next time they play Seattle I intend on going. I consider myself a fan. When asked what my favorite bands are, they're one of the first ones I think of. If I ran into one of them on the street, I think I'd probably just say, "Hey, I love your music!" and keep walking. Same as with any other band I really like. I don't get the whole BellDom thing. I think it's weird and the level some girls take it to is creepy as fuck. I don't read fanfic for the same reason. I don't get the fixation on their personal lives. I don't get the stalkerish behavior. I don't get standing outside a hotel for 15 hours in the hopes of seeing them. I don't get slamming people for not liking their music. For Christ's sake, it's called personal taste. I hate Chris Brown but I'm not gonna call you a cunt for liking his music. And I don't get the I've-listenend-to-Muse-longer-than-you-so-fuck-off-and-die-your-opinion-doesn't-count thing. I had this all written out in my head in a way that made sense but now it's gone I guess basically I'm wondering what your definitions of 'fan' and 'fangirl' are.
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