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Found 1 result

  1. I know that after the Interviewgame (http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=71078) with Muse I promised that I will translate something again when I see that it's worth it. So here I am again. Hope you'll enjoy it. 26.May.2010 23:50 MUSE ARE COMMING TO SWITZERLAND EARLY, FOR SURE and MATT THE FARMER makes MUSE CHEESE from Isabelle Riederer - This show will exceed all expectations! On June 2nd Muse will start their world tour at Stade de Suisse in Bern. The preparations are already started and are reaching it's peak. "20 Minutes" (free newspaper) talked to the singer Matt Bellamy. Since 25. of May the whole Stade de Suisse is in lockdown. Inside works are going on and stuff gets installed. For the big starting Gig of the British rock band Muse everything has to be perfect. Frontman Matthew Bellamy knows that the stage will be their Piece of Heart of their upcomming world tour. That they will have enough time to exercise, the three Brits will be expected in Switzerland earlier. Roumor has it that muse will be heading right to Switzerland after their gig in Portugal. "Free & Virgin" confirmed: Yes, Muse will come to Switzerland earlier for sure. When exactely they wouldn't tell. Interview with Matthew Bellamy: Hi Matthew, how are you? Thanks, I'm fine. At the moment we're in the middle of the preparations of our tour. We're doing the last few things on exercising. Last November you played in Zürich, now you'll play at Stade de Suisse in Bern on 2nd June. Can your fans look forward to a new show? Oh yeah, a lot. This tour will be completely different from the last one. It will be a huge spectacle and the biggest Show we have ever made. We have uncountable amounts of special effects, a girl that supports us with acrobatic tricks, pyrotechnics and everything what needs to be there. Your concert in Ber is the first concert with the new stage. Nervous? Yeah, a bit. The new stage is immense and there's an unbelievable amount of technic in it. So quite naturally one is nervous and hoping that everything will work. For the first time your fans were able to vote for the concert-setlist online. Isn't that too complex when you play different songs at every show? Sure, that wouldn't be possible. Our fans were able to vote what we should play but we can only play the two songs with the most votes. When we would play all the songs we would end up only our old songs. Just your old hits! Does that mean that your fans don't like your new songs? No, no, that's not it. But a lot of our fans are very loyal to us from the first hour and they connect a lot of memories with them and obviously they would like to hear these old songs live once again. Does it bother you when there's only chat about old hits? Our old songs made us what we are today. We are very proud of them. You will be on tour until November, have you got any plans what you will do afterwards? Yes I will become a farmer. I recently bought a farm in England. I love to be outside in the nature. That's where I can calm down and recreate myself. You are becoming a farmer? The serious way, with cows and sheep? Yeah, two weeks ago I bought 15 sheep and when I get back there will be 10 cows as well as some pigs and goats. And after that there will be Muse-Cheese? Heeey, that would be a good Idea and from the sheep wool we will make Muse hoodies (laughing). I really have to think about that, until now I only bought the sheep because there's a lot of land to the farm which is quite not even and very difficult to cut the grass. That's what they're mainly for, to eat the grass.
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