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Found 25 results

  1. Hi guys! I basically draw doodles sometimes, and now I felt like sharing here my newest piece of art which is all about the Drones album. Nothing particular, just my impressions of each song which I tried to reflect in pictures. I tended to insert there lyrics which contain the titles of songs (which I wrote in white letters), but it couldn’t work for Aftermath and The Globalist because their titles aren’t mentioned in lyrics. So I simply put there the lines which impressed me the most... Hope you enjoy it, it's really something I do feel good about. (I rarerly feel this inspired). Dead Inside Psycho Mercy Reapers The Handler Defector Revolt Aftermath The Globalist Drones
  2. I hadn't listened to Drones in quite a while, but I got Reapers stuck in my head out of nowhere today and wanted to listen to it. When I opened the Drones album in my library on Apple Music though, I noticed three tracks were greyed out (Drill Sergeant, JFK, and The Globalist), but the rest of the album was fine and, as far as I can tell, no other Muse song is randomly greyed out in any other album Does anyone know why these three are suddenly unavailable, and if they're gonna come back? Are they missing in other countries too or is it just an issue with the Canadian Apple Music? Does spotify have this issue too?
  3. Hi guys, Since no one else has made it, I will make a multicam of the Muse show in the ziggo dome in amsterdam (07.03.2015) . If you want to participate, please send me your original video files (and audio files) to dinnissen.tim@gmail.com, you can use WeTransfer or DropBox. Or is it a better idea to make a compilation of Muse in the Ziggo Dome, instead of one show? Thanks!
  4. Hi there, I am doing a survey for my Sixth Form course in Media and I was wondering if you could take some time out of your day to fill in my survey! Don't worry if you don't have time, it should only take around 5 Mins https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/DWCF3BX Thanks Lewis
  5. Hi all, when the Drones album was release I was loving it straight away. Then I heard about the story behind it (http://www.musewiki.org/Drones_(album)) It was such a beautiful story. I began drawing it straight away. I did include my own interpretation in it though. After I made all the drawings, I thought, let's make myself a special Drones album out of it. The end result was pretty cool so I shared it with people and had great feedback. I'm really curious what the hardcore Muse fans think about it so please share your opinions. I made a presentation on behance (https://www.behance.net/gallery/33647738/Fanart-Muse-album-Drones) Hope you like it.
  6. Hello! Somedays ago I edited the Drones album cover to make a Christmas version of it and I wanted to share it with all of you. I´m new posting in the forum so I´m not sure if this is the correct place and way to post. Here it is: I tried to represent how Christmas remote control us (The drones) and make us consume. I hope you like it Merry Christmas!
  7. Here's an AZ Republic interview with Dom about working on Drones, Mutt Lange, and the new show and stage. Full article here: http://www.azcentral.com/story/entertainment/music/2015/11/27/muse-interview-drones-tour-dom-howard/76455378/
  8. Yo!! So I understand that not all U.S. tour dates have been posted yet, but that doesn't alleviate my anxiety... Where is everyone hoping they stop? I, personally, would give up my soul, entire college fund, legs, and arms if it meant that they played in Chicago in the Drones tour. That may seem like an exaggeration, and I wish that it was.
  9. Hello! So on Muse's twitter, I have been seeing lots of retweets of people finding autographed vinyls of Drones. I am trying to use the website (separate) for locating the nearest "Hidden Lever," however it is just stuck at "Finding Location." I am using it on my mobile, as is directed, however I am still having the same problem. Is anyone else having issues with this?
  10. When big bands such as Muse come to Brazil, they usually play at three cities: Rio de Janeiro/RJ, São Paulo/SP and Porto Alegre/RS. While taking a look at the places where Muse would play I found odd that Porto Alegre was not included since it has a few of the best stages in the country and a huge amount of Muse fans that cannot afford the cost of the plane/gig tickets + hotel rooms in SP or RJ. My question here is why were "Grêmio's Arena", "FIERGS parking lot" and even the "Gigantinho" overlooked or ignored?
  11. As the title says, i haven't seen anyone discuss or realize about this. We've heard 4 out of 12 songs, although that we know that JFK/Drill Sergeant are just speeches and Drones is a capella, making that 4 out of 9 intrumental songs, and we know about each song on the album thanks to some listening parties reviews, and none of them describes a full piano driven song. Sure we have (at least and as far as we know) The Globalist which has a piano section, but still the song lives up to guitar riffs/chords. And this annoys me because every Muse album has great piano songs, hell, i even adore Explorers. Whats your opinion? Or did i miss the part where it says there is at least a full piano song? PD: excuse my english.
  12. I, and a few others, have felt that the last 3 Muse albums have left a little to be desired. Conversely, some of Muse's best songs ever written are on their last 3 albums (The Resistance, The 2nd Law and Drones). I wanted to make a Best Of album to show that Muse have still got their spark and compiled an almost perfect Muse album from their last 3 studio offerings. I love making playlists, and I love giving my playlists a little fanfare. One of the most important things about this playlist is its track order. I've split the Exogenesis Symphony into two interludes. Splitting pt.3 away on its own with Drones preluding it (surprisingly, it works incredibly well). I also thought that Reapers was befitting of an album finisher and that The Handler was a killer opener. My personal favourite Muse track ever is Animals, goddamn, so good. What do you guys think, I've posted the link above. Would you do anything different, add/remove songs, change the order etc. Above all, Enjoy!
  13. We know that Muse have stated that "The Globalist" is basically an alternative storyline for Drones - one where the protagonist just lets himself be controlled and eventually turns into a dictator. This would totally make sense and is a creative way to end this fantastic album. However, what if this actually isn't the case? What if there's another way we're supposed to view "The Globalist" that Muse just didn't want to spoon feed us? Let me explain: the meaning of Aftermath is pretty obvious. After a long time of fighting, the protagonist finally fills the part of him that needed to be loved and finally doesn't feel alone. That solves the love plot point, but what about the revolution? As the song states, the battle is still going on. For a huge plot point that was in development throughout the entire album, it's hard to believe that Muse would leave that part completely unresolved. Meanwhile, The Globalist makes a point in saying that the battle is done when they say how everything has been conquered. So what am I pondering? Well, this might be a stupid idea, but what if The Globalist isn't an alternative storyline, but actually the conclusion to where Aftermath left off, being part of the same storyline? Picture this: somehow, between Aftermath and The Globalist, something happened between the protagonist and his love interest. Maybe an argument, a death, an afterthought, whatever. For some reason, something happened that makes the protagonist feel as though his love was for nothing. Still thinking negatively, he then believes that the revolution is screwed - he bought off more than he could chew, and the cause looks doomed. He's become desperate. He thinks there is only one way to fight his opressors - fight dirty, just like them. He already knows how to use the drones and what codes would allow him to operate them. It might not be ideal, but he could definitely take them down if he begins to use them. He could take control of enemy this way and even the playing field. So, he and the rest of the revolution start operating the drones - and it goes way out of hand. The rebels have forgotten what the cause they were fighting for was and now they have destroyed innocent lives. The protagonist looks at the damage he's done, the lives he has taken, the destruction he caused, and realizes the worst thing he could possibly imagine: in the process of fighting back, he's become just like his enemies. He became a human drone and a dictator, and became the nightmare he was trying to break free from. He recognizes that he has destroyed everything and can't believe that all of this was caused just because he was trying to fill the void that needed to be loved. This may be a rediculous idea, but it's one I've contemplated since I first listened to the album. Due to the lyrical content of the song, I believe that the idea seems plausible and it's one I'm in favor of. I feel like it would also add something new to the story as well, giving it an added sense of tragedy for a possible dystopian future. The album's music, story, and message are amazing (it's one of my favorite albums) and I just wanted to iterpret this masterpiece. If you guys have any thoughts about this or any other theories, leave them down below!
  14. What name should we give this tasty new jam? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9vEjg9LO4M Varia Jam (RockaVARIA, also a VARIAtion of Helsinki) Munich Jam (Where it was played)
  15. Hey guys, I'm in the middle of transcribing and covering Drones on the bass. I do notation transcriptions and share them on the description of the videos. Hope you dig it! https://vimeo.com/channels/928985 Z-man
  16. So let's talk about this "song". In words of Matt to KROQ "I don't know how we manage to use to a JFK speech, we put some music to it, it's basically him talking about the rise of comunism, and how America, the press and everybody together should work together to try to stop these forces of burocrates taking over, also he speeks about freedom and so, but when you read the speech in modern times, you realise has a context that relates very much with the world we live in now" So, I did some research in Google and Youtube, and look for which speech might be Matt talking about, and I think it might be the famous "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech on June 26, 1963 with a huge crowd in the Rudolph Wilde Platz near the Berlin Wall. The speech can be found both in YouTube. Here the article from Wikipedia. What are your thought on this?
  17. It was shot from the public perspective, hope you'll like it! http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/05/15/The_Mayan_Los_Angeles,_CA/Muse
  18. http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/05/29/Olympiapark_M%C3%BCnchen_Munich/Muse
  19. Hope you'll like it http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/05/16/Verizon_Wireless_Amphitheater_/_Irvine_Meadows_Amphitheatre_Irvine/Muse
  20. Enjoy my friends http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/03/16/Barrowland_Ballroom/Muse
  21. Best day of my life! Hope you'll like it! Â http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/03/15/Ulster_Hall_Belfast/Muse Â
  22. In the Muse sub-topic at reddit.com, the idea to record reaction videos to hearing Muse's upcoming single (Psycho/Drones) for the very first time is caching on. Does this sound fun/interesting to anyone else here? Someone else has also offered to edit the reactions into a compilation type thing with the song. Respond if you're interested, a discussion thread is also located on reddit here. I'm totally down if you guys are: There's a chance that the single will come out this Thursday the 6th on Zane Lowe's last show.
  23. Many of you came up with stunning designs before the official reveal of The Resistane & The 2nd Law artworks, so I thought we should have a similair thread this year as well, post your ideas! Although my artwork uses the title revealed yesterday on Instagram, I didn't want to call the thread 'Drones', simply because it's not official yet.
  24. It's a bit premature, yes, but I think we all have our own ideas of what Muse should sound like 3/4 years down the road. Personally, I'm just hoping they grow tired of Queen and U2. I can't imagine them doing those kind of songs in 2015. That would mean it would have been almost 10 years of those kind of songs (since BHaR). One of the best songs off The 2nd Law in my opinion is Animals, and I honestly think they could listen to Radiohead again. You may disagree with me, but the Radiohead/Jeff Buckley/Rage Against The Machine was miles better than the new stuff imo, as much as I love it all. Songs like Panic Station and Follow Me are good fun, but their darker stuff (Ruled By Secrecy, Citizen Erased, etc.) has so much more emotion to it. I'm not much of a writer but you get the idea.
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