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Found 6 results

  1. Could some kind soul please upload the two bonus tracks that were made available for free download from the HAARP microsite back in 2008? I seem to have lost them Microcuts (video) - 16th June Soldier's Poem (audio) - 16th June
  2. I'm working on the Download highlights, but they're not finished yet, so here's a taster of things to come. I've posted this early because I need to ask if anyone has decent footage of Citizen Erased and Dead Star, send it my way. Anyway, enjoy this lil taster until it's done.
  3. I don't post here very often so not sure what the etiquette is on posting download links etc, but I just upped this to musebootlegs.com
  4. Hi Everyone! i dunno this is right place for this threat but, how can i buy/download Muse's official full gig video? For example RHCP's selling the gigs video on theirs site but i couldn't fine MUSE's.
  5. Hey guys and girls, I don't normally use the Muse messageboard often but I came on in hope of support. I've seen Muse 3 times, the last time was at Sheffield Arena 4th November 2009. I was right at the front (for the first time, but not the last *cough* Manchester *cough* Wembley *cough* ) and I, like many of you as I have read, were blown away just by the introduction! "We Are The Universe" sent so many shivers down my spine, and it still does as I watch the videos on YouTube. It leads so brilliantly into "Uprising" that it left me wondering why they didn't include it on the album, preceding the opener. I am here to try and cause a stir, I don't know if this would ever work, it most likely wouldn't but we can only try! Post on this thread and tell us how much you'd love to download Muse's version of "We Are The Universe" so we can complete "The Resistance" once and for all! Tell your friends, get them on here and get posting! We will be victorious!
  6. Hey please please please could someone tell me where i could download dead star by muse. Ive spent ages looking for a working download but no such luck! Would be very much appricated! P.S I mean the orignal single Dead Star, not the hullabaloo live version
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