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Found 3 results

  1. Fans had sent in questions via Twitter and then he answered them. They're all in separate little interviews: "Where Did Chris Get His Olympic Bass From?" "Are Muse Coming To Some Of The Countries They've Missed On The Next Tour?" "Does Matt Really Have A Basement Full Of Canned Foods Ready For The Apocalypse?" "How Do Matt And Chris Maintain Their Vocals?" "Will The Olympic Closing Ceremony Influence The Next Muse Tour?" "Which New Song Is Chris Looking Forward To Playing Live?" "How Does Chris Headbang Without Getting Dizzy?" "Was Survival Written About Athletes, Or The Human Race?"
  2. Info below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u-DAhg-ie4 Uprising will be played on the 3rd of August on dutch tv/radio station 3voor12! (3FM) (It's not confirmed that 3voor12 will have the first play!!!) Here's the link, but beware... it's in dutch http://3voor12.vpro.nl/artikelen/artikel/42276253 It will be played between 22:00-01:00 local time (21:00-24:00 UK time) see the link below to listen live to 3FM on monday August 3rd: 1) http://www.3fm.nl/ 2) Click on "Luister live" a new window opens... 3) Click on 3FM Live 4) Enjoy;) Or... Direct livestream link: http://www.3fm.nl/page/3fm_liveplayer/live according to comments below, more stations will play the first single on that day (Zane Lowe will most likely get the first play of the song, but that's unconfirmed at the moment) [uPDATE] Zane Lowe just confirmed on his twitter that he will play the song at 7:30PM (UK time) http://twitter.com/zanelowe Here's a 30 seccond preview clip of the song!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjPW2Dz-GXs
  3. 6 part series starting Saturday, 21:40 on BBC Two. What is the DNA of a great rock 'n' roll band? The series breaks this mythical beast down into its constituent parts - singer, guitarist, drummer as well as the shadowy 'other one', whose face we don't quite know but without whom the magic wouldn't happen. The evidence is examined closely in forensic studies of what makes these rock 'n' roll types tick - starting with the lead singer. Often he's the leader - sometimes the dictator, benign or otherwise. His voice is his instrument and out front there's nowhere to hide. He hires. He fires. And when it all goes wrong and the backlash begins, he'll get the blame. An eye-opening romp through great war stories from the rock 'n' roll frontline explores the myriad ways of tackling the daunting role of front person. From the seemingly fearless - like taboo-shattering Jim Morrison of The Doors to the mesmerically fragile - like Joy Division's ill-starred Ian Curtis. From Mick Jagger, who drew up the blueprint of front man as athlete, lothario and chairman of the board to the swaggeringly cantankerous yet strangely static force of nature that is Liam Gallagher. A starry castlist including Iggy Pop, Roger Daltrey and Dave Grohl consider how and why they do what they do on and off stage. Sting speculates where necessary confidence ends and arrogance begins, while Muse's Matt Bellamy wonders whether a tendency towards the diva-ish is an inevitable by-product of the pressures of being the band's focal point. Shaun Ryder of Happy Mondays recalls harsh lessons learnt from underestimating the tabloids, and Siouxsie Sioux revels in the moments when it all goes right.
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