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Found 1 result

  1. Are you a fest n00b? That's ok, Haley has done this many times. Many, MANY times. So, let me try to prevent you from making silly choices while you are on your Muser travels. AGENTHAL'S ADVICE COLUMN Don't be stupid, bring a backpack or at least some sort of bag. Bring in two SEALED water bottles, they have refill stations for free water (lines get long though!). Other things for your pack: - Sunscreen - no aerosal cans! There are plastic spray-on ones, but I recommend getting cream that's like SPF 80+ and just applying it once in the morning and you're good all day. I always do this and only my scalp burned last year. Hence the next one on this last... - Hat - Sunglasses - Towel, blanket, something to sit on (no chairs, but Crazy Creeks are fine); this will get really gross, last year I just brought hotel ones with me each day - Baby wipes - Roll of toilet paper (trust me on these last two) - Cash along with a credit card - Mini fans are handy, like what they have at Disney world - SNEAKERS. You're an idiot for wearing flip flops. At least do Tevas are something. - Poncho. It could rain, did last year. - Digital camera (not an SLR; you may be able to get it in but it depends if it's worth it for you) - Also, GOLD BOND. If you ever go to a hot festival, especially Bonnaroo, that is the number 1 thing people will recommend if asked. Chafing, chafing, chafing... IS NO FUN. Unless you are super skinny, if it gets hot, you will wish you had it. You can't bring in food, but this is the benefit of a backpack. I am always able to easily sneak in crackers and granola bars and such to last me a day at the barrier. There's food in there of course, but it's expensive and you don't always have the time (or aren't nearby)! Keep in mind, Grant Park is HUGE. If you're planning on running to the barrier, keep in mind it's far from the gate. Will be like a 15 minute walk. You won't be able to queue at the gate to get in early in the morning, they won't let you. Gates open at 10am I believe, though. You'll hear the Star Wars music. Can't think of much else to say. It's a blast and I usually try to catch as many acts as possible. There's also lots of cool stuff around, like the hammock areas and the Playstation tent (they usually have free stuff like mats, sunglasses, and I won sidestage passes from them next year!). Feel free to PM me with questions.
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