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Found 4 results

  1. Some of you may know that back in 2016 I did an English paper for my ENG 150 class on Muse's Genre. I posted a link to the survey here then (This thread here.).Out of curiosity, I'm releasing an updated version of the survey that I'm releasing on multiple platforms (Reddit, Twitter, Discord, Tumblr, Facebook, and the Muse.Mu forums). I got a lot of interesting results last time, so I'm interested in what I'll get this time. Feel free to share the survey link with friends, whether they're casual listeners or in as deep as you all are! I'll be sharing the results whenever I stop getting responses via a dropbox link in this thread here. The survey itself has been updated to include the singles we've been given from Simulation Theory, and now has Exogenesis Symphony as three parts, as TypeForm now allows you to have more than 150 questions. Other changes include the addition of "Pop" as one of the base genres I stupidly forgot to add it last time and Neutron Star Collision is now also included, for whatever that's worth.
  2. Hello guys. I want to ask u a question about one compilation of B-Sides. I saw yesterday one album that really interested me. There was 2CDs and just like 41 songs. Someone said that this album was released in the 2010th. What was that? There is even a cover here
  3. ok here is my deal as i do love basically every muse song ive ever heard and also own 6 albums from them(Showbiz Origin of Symmetry Hullabaloo Absolution Black holes and Revelations and ofc Resistance) i have recently been searching youtube this site and other weird locations to find a whole mess of extra songs that are being refered to as B side songs which i guess means extra songs placed on the singles such as the Groove is on the time is running out single. anyways i was thinking there should totally be a whole collection of these songs on one album so that i may buy it and obsessively listen to it. agree?
  4. Does anybody have a *complete-all-on-one-page* list of Muse B-Sides and other non-album tracks? I've searched everywhere (included MuseWiki and been unable to locate one). I'd appreciate it if somebody could post a list on here - it would make my life a whole lot easier! I'm obsessed with archiving stuff and need to know every last detail... I'm sad I know, but who gives a shit? I've just ordered Hullabaloo & the Symmetry Box, but am having a hard time locating copies of singles/older EPs. Cheers! I'll start the list here, please let me know what I've missed so I can amend it! Agitated Ashamed Assassin (Grand Omega Bosses edit) Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Coma Crying Shame Dead Star Do We Need This (live) Easily Escape Escape Your Meaningless Eternally Missed Forced In Forced In (extended) Fury Futurism The Gallery Glorious The Groove Host Hyper Chondriac Music In Your World Instant Messenger Map of Your Head Muscle Museum #2 Nature_1 Pink Ego Box Recess Shine Shine (Acoustic) Shrinking Universe Yes Please
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