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Found 7 results

  1. Just wanted to share the art I created on December 1, 2015 before the Muse show.. ^_^ I almost handed it to Dominic but I'm guessing a) he didn't see it or b) he couldn't take it. Not sure which! Darnit! Maybe I can mail it to them. Or scan it and then print out copies to color, sign, and frame for them. Hmmmmm. Anyway.. enjoy! I'm working on a coloring book with my designs right now, don't think this would be legal to put in it HAHAHA.
  2. Many of you came up with stunning designs before the official reveal of The Resistane & The 2nd Law artworks, so I thought we should have a similair thread this year as well, post your ideas! Although my artwork uses the title revealed yesterday on Instagram, I didn't want to call the thread 'Drones', simply because it's not official yet.
  3. Hello guys! Long time no see right? Regarding the aMUSEd Series: even if I promised working on it, many times before, the work just didn't flow.. I guess it was because Muse were 'dead'. But now with the new album, if I have time (in my spare time), I will try to draw some more. Because I loved doing them. ANYWAY. Me and my fiance, Miguel, just started working our website. We will work as a freelance team of Artists (after College). We are the Oneness Team (- the Art of Ines Freitas and Miguel Mendes). We work in different areas of art, from comics to 2D and 3D animations, to concept art, paintings, sculptures, Illustration and many more. Right now our website is Under Construction (basically, our portfolios aren't still there. We will put our individual portfolio and the projects as a team portfolio). BUT the Blog is active. So basically, we will post sketches, drawings, projects, news, etc on the Blog. Lots of Art goodness So if you can, please check our website/blog, comment and share please: http://www.onenessteam.net http://www.onenessteam.net/blog We also have a Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oneness-Team/335085763200713 Also, in the next few months you will see a lot of work of the same thing, since we are working on our first 2D Animation Short! (and it's for College), so don't forget to check it to follow this project. We need a lot of support from you guys! (I will also update the forum when new stuff is uploaded)
  4. Mine would probobly be a huge skyscraper all beaten up in the middle of a brand new city with waterfalls coming out of the windows...hahaha i no kinda wierd
  5. Hey guys, Just wanted to pass on details about a new newsletter from Storm Thorgerson Studios! It's a monthly update of what the studio is up to and features artwork you may not have the chance to see. This is the best way to keep updated with what they are working on and who knows the latest Muse album might feature on here soon! Storm will also be releasing a new book featuring his work for Muse and other bands and giving more insight into the development and ideas behind the infamous designs. More info about this will appear in the newsletters, so sign up now! Check out the latest edition here: http://bit.ly/qGGKGF Click 'Sign Up' to be added and have it sent direct to your inbox! Enjoy! Visit Storms site here: http://www.stormthorgerson.com/
  6. Im looking for high quality album artwork (preferably of all releases, and all with the same dimensions) I haven't found any such items on muse.mu, but does anybody else know where to find them EDIT: Here Are What I have Gathered So Far. All Images Are 1425 x 1425 jpgs. Please reply to this thread its you find the starlight cd cover or a cover black with MUSE written in the centre at a resolution of 1425x1425. >>>>>>>>>>http://mushroomsources.webs.com/index.htm<<<<<<<<<< A List Of Everything I Have Found so Far
  7. First post! =D Just a couple of Muse t-shirts I made using Paint. I apologise for the poor quality . Might make more if any ideas come to me.
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