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Found 245 results

  1. Forgive me if this topic has been done to death, but a search didn't find a thread. My daughter is three and is OBSESSED with the band. She caught me, a few months ago, watching the HAARP DVD and since then there have been few days where she doesn't ask to watch or listen to "Matt, Chris, and Dom'nik." Thank goodness for Natasha's "Random Musings of a Curious Mind" site for links to stuff my daughter hasn't seen. Anyway, she also is insisting that "When I have money I will buy a ticket to see Matt sing," so I'm TEETERING on the edge of taking her with me to the Raleigh show. I play in a band and she's seen a few of our concerts if we're at some festival or such where it's not late. She has enormous ear protectors that block out nearly everything and has enjoyed it. Any of you have similar tales of kids (or for that matter surprisingly mature folks) who've become superfans?
  2. I see everyone using these smiles that arent in the little box on the side of the "Post reply" box. Can you guys like give me a list of what to type to get those funny little icons ahhha. thanks in advance.
  3. Im attending the Muse concert at the Viejas Arena on September 22nd.. we are seated in Section A row 23. Im wondering if those seat's are any good?
  4. I didn't see a thread anywhere else so sorry if we already have one. Voting has opened up for the ceremony that takes place on the 25th of October. Obviously you can vote for whoever you want but Muse are eligible in the following catergories afaik: Best Act in the World Today Best Live Band Best Video - Resistance or NSC Best Track - Resistance or NSC Get voting http://awards.qthemusic.com/
  5. I was thinking maybe an album just massive in scope...obviously I never want them to retire though.
  6. Just read this in the entertainment section of the national paper.
  7. Beata

    Oxegen 2010

    So will something from this show to download or not? someone know something ?
  8. Self-explanatory! Vote for matt here: http://www.nme.com/rate/greatestlyricists/7
  9. anyone got that bootleg or know where to get it?? thanks:)
  10. Does anyone have a good quality bootleg or know of a link to one of Muse's performance at the Rock Am Ring this year? They did so well. So if anyone can help, that's great. If you send me to Musebootlegs.com, please send me a specific link, please. (I'm not too good with that site...) Thanks a lot!
  11. First of all: I AM SORRY FOR FOR ALL THE TRANSLATION MISTAKES I MADE. Please forgive me I just thought that some of you would like to read this: ENJOY. Hope you like it Muse - Try to Be Me (October 2003) A little game with our favorite rockers. And it works like that: In front of us is a hat filled with little papers with questions or unfinished sentences on them. Each one of the participants draws one at random and has to answer it for the other two band members or in the other case finish the sentence for the other two. It's very interesting what that can reveal... Matt (draws): "My biggest material wissh." Hmm for Dom it would be a kite and for Chris it has to be a beautiful fishing boat that is located outside Plymouth. Dom: Well you have to know something like that. (draws the next paper) "There was a day on which I wanted to leave Muse and that was..." Matt: (almost laughs himself to death) Chris: Oh Shit, that is a difficult one... Dom: To find a name a specific day would be really hard, but I'd say that there were moments for Matt when everything went above his head. That was short after the release of "Origin Of Symmetry", when we partied all night and had to do 8-10 interviews the next day. For Chris: Every time when he got another kid. That happens all the time. He asks himself and us again and again: "How can I manage this all with so few time? What about the family? What about me?" Matt: Well I never wanted to leave the band but the lifestyle we used to have. Sometimes I'd loved to change my common life to "twenty-something-existance". Sometimes this all is too much for me. Chris (draws): "It makes me sad to see..." Jesus, what can I say here? Matt: Remember the last interview. We had this question back then. Chris: Correct. But do you think I can remember what you said there? Well we're not different than everybody else when it comes to this: As example the things you do and you're not sure anymore whether they are good or bad. I remember a moment when we were halfway through with recording and the three of us had the feeling that we just produced bullocks. We were not able to see a good thing in that what we've produced. This self-doubt is a very sad thing. Matt (draws): "The simple things I love. Example..." For Chris: Kids. Dom: "look, a fish" (wild laughter) VISIONS: wtf? Matt: Dom loves fishing. But only because of the fishing part. When he catches something he just says: "Look a fish!", then he throws 'em back into the water. He used to be a animal rights campaigner. He also likes watching ducks. Dom (draws): "What I like the most on the other two..." (big laughter) For Matt: My occasional funny jokes. Chris: Dom can, if he wants to, be a little David Brandon. A real comedy-guy. Dom: What Chris has to like on me would be my easy-going attidude. I think that he wants to take life as easy as I do. Chris (draws): "When we argue, I'm the guy who..." Okay that's not hard. For Matt I'd say that he is very convincing - he wins almost every argument because he talks as long as it takes for us that there is simply no other way than accept what he thinks is right. On the other hand Dom dosn't argue. He's more the guy, who... who... what was that word again? Dom: Passive? (laughter) Chris: No, never mind. He thinks that arguing is wasted time. He tries to avoid it wherever it is possible. Matt is more the guy who goes for confrontation. Matt (he has read all the papers from the hat in the meantime and the ones that he likes the most set aside on his side): "My three records to take on a lonly island." For Chris: "Pet Sounds" from Beach Boys, "Aftertaste" from Helmet and Nirvana "In Utero". For Dom: Box Car Racer - everything, Blink 182 - everything, and Sum 41 - the new one. (heavy laughter) VISIONS: You are not serious, are you? Dom: What he wants to say: He doesn't like it that I enjoy Poppunk. What in fact is true besides like 2000 other bands that I like. Matt: Really, you listen to something differen? To what? When did you do that the last time? 1997? Chris: (beats on his thighs while laughing) Dom: Lick my ass. I don't bully you over your classic stuff. (draws the next paper from Matts special-pile, who shows him his middle finger) "my big love" For Chris: Music and family. And for Matt? (thinks) His fingernails! Else he wouldn't chew on them all the time. Matt: Dumbass. I'm currently trying to get out of that habit! Dom: Yeah right... Since when? 1997? No seriously: His guitar and his girlfriend. In that order. And his piano somewhere in the middle of those two. Chris (draws): "Wenn I am 35, then I will be..." Jesus Christ, I've never thought about that one coube become that old. Dom: Oh god, now he has to think. That's destined to fail, chris! (huge laughter) Chris: For Matt that is pretty sure. He wants the usual: A big house with a built in studio, two or maybe three kids and release every few years a new album. For Dom: When he's a grown up until then what is very unlikely, perhaps the same. At the moment I'd say: He will drive aroung with a fleet of of expensive cars, a new girl on the co-driver's seat every evening, and an invitationto every after-show party on this planet in his glove box. Dom: Something wrong with that? All this is not really important. I just hope that still someone wants to play some music with me then. Everything else doesn't really matter. Matt (draws): "The perfect sex." Does it really mean THAT? You mean sex? Making love? VISIONS: Yes. Matt: Okay. For Chris that is very simple: On a homy, comfortable couch in the living room, next to him a few cans of beer, some salty crackers. Best would be during a commercial break between two parts of "Who wants to be a millionaire?". Most importantly the kids are asleep. For once... Chris (laughs himself almost to death, falls almost off his chair, jumps around the whole room) When you've got such a big family you think of things other than sex! Mattew: Dom: In his car. Best would be he drives and the girl on him with her back faceing him. (everyone laughs) VISIONS: Thank you very much. That was very interesting. Dom: Yes. Very informative for everyone.
  12. It's a fairly long article so I'll just quote the parts where Muse is mentioned: I think I read somewhere that one of the guys (Dom maybe?) said he doesn't particularly like prog rock and doesn't think Muse fits in that genre. The article also points out that a lot of prog rock bands, when signed by major labels, are pressured to make more radio-friendly songs. Seems like Muse has certainly faced that pressure.
  13. Hi! I just wanted to know if MUSE still makes this creepy "coded message thing" It's just very exciting, those vocabulary reversed things, crypted messages, that weird qua@aol.com thing. Do you think they're making that again??
  14. I've been getting so much hate at school right now for being a Muse fan, from friends and chavs alike! Does anyone else experience this at school, home, college, work etc. ? How can there be so much Muse hate around at the moment from people who have never even heard their music? Just wondering if I'm alone...
  15. Sorry if this has been posted A Skyline Reviews interview from Rock Wercher and clips from the gig! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5LOT9Uo68Y
  16. http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/live/latw/sessions/s2929929.htm Muse have been voted by Australians as the best live act of all time. The radio station Triple J is holding a week of live music sets by the best live acts they've recorded. They will be playing the following songs recorded in 2004: 1. Stockholm Syndrome 2. New Born 3. Butterflies And Hurricanes 4. Hysteria 5. Time Is Running Out 6. Plug In Baby The band who came second was Rage Against The Machine http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/live/impossiblemf/10/
  17. For anyone who might still be interested, both nights from Stade de France are available in HD on my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/DeeThreeDee
  18. A little bit late to notify everyone. Just saw that there is a Muse special today on Video Hits - Channel 10 starting at 11am EST.
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