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Found 245 results

  1. Couldnt find it posted anywere Fri 13th (hmmm) ABC2 at 9.30pm according to the Tv Guide in the Sunday Mail. Yippee i havent seen it yet.
  2. I was just interested as to when Muse are next going to appear on the radio or on television. By this I mean playing live, not just having one of their songs played on the radio or on tv. Thanks
  3. what do you think is the most overrated song by muse? PLEASE VOTE i just put some popular songs in the poll, that doesn't mean i dislike them all: citizen erased is besides one of my fav songs
  4. I see everyone using these smiles that arent in the little box on the side of the "Post reply" box. Can you guys like give me a list of what to type to get those funny little icons ahhha. thanks in advance.
  5. Im attending the Muse concert at the Viejas Arena on September 22nd.. we are seated in Section A row 23. Im wondering if those seat's are any good?
  6. Last month, I made this awesome flag for les vieilles charrues festival. As I can’t go to Wembley or any other gigs this year, I got the idea, that this flag will travel for me. The rules are: -the flag can’t travel by the post, it must be physically passed from one person to another (it can travel by the post only if there's no other solution) -Whenever the flag is at a gig with a group of people a picture must be taken (picture must be of the group and the flag within the venue) -If someone carrying this flag meets a band member (Tom and Morgan included) a photo of the band member holding the flag has to be taken (only the member and the flag) -Every person I know (in real life or only on .mu/facebook/twitter) has to sign the flag if they go to several gigs then they have to write the dates on it. The aim is for this flag to become famous within the muse community, it has to be at as many gigs as possible (and collect as many signatures as possible). The band has to recognise it after seeing it too many times!! So help me make my flag travel. So far: from my place to Wembley: Seb, kageeby Then I don’t know, for it to go to the next gigs you have to be at Wembley on September 11th or Paris/Lille (France)
  7. Forget candlelit dinners, bouquets of flowers and endless compliments. The way to a woman’s heart lies in wearing a red shirt, it seems. And a red suit may have helped Muse singer Matt Bellamy catch the eye of actress Kate Hudson. The researchers showed women from around the world, including some Britons, pictures of a ‘moderately attractive’ man. Source
  8. Just sat here cracking up at this article and thought I'd share it with you all. In 2001, Muse appeared on the soon-to-be-canceled children’s series Live & Kicking to play their then-current single “New Born”. The BBC producers told the band that they had to pretend to play their instruments and that there couldn’t be any live vocals as well. So how does Muse respond in the performance video? Well, for starters, Bellamy spends the piano intro gliding his hands over the keys randomly. In case that didn’t get the message across, he soon starts waving his hands in the air, nowhere near the keys he’s supposed to be playing. Once the guitar kicks in, Bellamy makes some of the most exaggerated gestures possible during the intro riff and then spends the verse with his hands in the air while the rapid guitar section plays out of the speakers. Oh, and bassist Chris Wolstenholme switches places with Howard. The best part of this video is just how absurd Bellamy’s behavior is. He holds his guitar upside down, randomly gestures to the audience, and literally rolls around on the floor for the last 30 seconds. Howard gets in some good moves too, as he jumps around, strumming the bass like a guitar. Muse revisited these antics later on another TV series, including the famous performance of “Uprising” on an Italian TV show about football (Why Muse was performing on a football show, I have no idea) during which all three band members switched places, with Bellamy on drums, Howard on bass, and Wolstenholme on guitar. They not only did this for the song but for the short interview afterward, too. Both of these performances should serve as a warning to future TV producers. Let Muse get on with the show. Otherwise, they’ll embarrass you and have a laugh for themselves. God Bless Muse. Full article: http://consequenceofsound.net/2010/08/03/youtube-live-dont-tell-muse-to-mime/
  9. Muse are nominated for Best Rock Video and Best Special Effects for the Uprising video. Source BEST ROCK VIDEO 30 Seconds To Mars - Kings and Queens Muse - Uprising Paramore - Ignorance Florence + the Machine - Dog Days Are Over MGMT - Flash Delirium BEST SFX (SPECIAL EFFECTS) Lady Gaga - Bad Romance Eminem - Not Afraid Muse - Uprising Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown Dan Black - Symphonies VOTE HERE
  10. Hello one and all, I'm moving out of my house and no longer have room for a lot of my Muse collection, so I am selling a large portion of it on eBay - all lots start at 1p. Most items are CD and DVD Singles from the Showbiz era right up to Black Holes and Revelations (example: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Muse-Muscle-Museum-CD2-original-release-1999-/200504025984?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_CDsDVDs_CDs_CDs_GL&hash=item2eaef8a380 ). I would rather these items went to a true collector than some random eBayer!! all items are in excellent condition, please take a look if you are interested: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/muse505/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p4340
  11. I searched for a similar thread but didn't find one. Sorry if this is the wrong section Well, we all know how great Muse is from concert and so. I think this is very interesting what I am up to ask you! How much have you spend to see Muse live? Did you even fly to a foreign country? There are a lot of Muser's here who fly extra to England from Australia to see them at the Wembley Stadium! How far would you go to see them? Feel free to answer
  12. Sorry if this has already been posted, I honestly couldn't find an answer searching! I'm just wondering what Equivalent grade Ruled by Secrecy, like for a piano exam or something similar. Thanks a million in advance!
  13. I didn't see a thread anywhere else so sorry if we already have one. Voting has opened up for the ceremony that takes place on the 25th of October. Obviously you can vote for whoever you want but Muse are eligible in the following catergories afaik: Best Act in the World Today Best Live Band Best Video - Resistance or NSC Best Track - Resistance or NSC Get voting http://awards.qthemusic.com/
  14. Matt AKA "Scrap Bellamy" oversees the bands day at Teignmouth carnival on the Den (Saturday 31st July 2010). This model of Matt has been made from recycled materials by Michelle Wilcox & Robin Brown, with help from children attending creative workshops during carnival week.
  15. Muse got 1 song in guitar hero 3 (knights of cydonia) and 1 in guitar hero 5 (plug in baby) Knights of cydonia was not in "guitar hero greatest hits" while it was one of the favorites by the people who played guitar hero 3 and wanted to buy gh:gh I found out that plug in baby is not exportable (i'm pretty pissed about that) while matt bellamy himself was in the game and Uprising is in the next game. that might mean that "plug in baby and Knights of Cydonia" will be in a muse track-pack or a game related to muse. what do you think? and vote in the poll what you want
  16. The MUSE Family - We're all part of it Muse have the largest fan base of any other band in the world at the moment. We also have the best group of dedicated fans and it's no wander Muse can sell out Europe's biggest Stadiums. We are all part of one big family . We all have something in common with each other - The love for the Greatest band on Planet Earth, Muse. Everyone here is included, there are no exceptions. : Whether you are a pirate , a pussy , a pimp , or the Pope , there is always room for more people in the Muse Family!! Each one of us contributes to making a better Muse, whether voting in the Set List polls earlier this summer or sharing your views here in the Forum. Even if you have a HUGE afro , you still make a better Muse! We all make a difference, it may not seem like we make much of a difference, but we do. Therefore I ask, that if you see someone wearing a Muse T-Shirt, treat them as though they are part of your very own Muse family. It would be awesome to have a random Muse chat with fellow Muse-family members on the street or in your hometown or wherever, so please remember this next time you see someone wearing a Muse t-shirt or likewise. Also, at Muse gigs, I don't think there is enough mingling with fellow Musers. It's the perfect opportunity to talk to each other! At the Saturday night (5th September 2009) Seaside Rendezvous gig, there was a group of Musers (Including myself) queiuing from 8am. When we got into the gig, we protected each other from other annoying people who like pushing past and throwing bottles at people (You know who you are...) and it felt like a really community. Alice Darlington and Emily Wolstenholme (Presumably not Chris' daughter?) praised the "great atmousphere" at the Muse gigs and said that "You don't get that kind of atmousphere at other bands' gigs". Matt, Dom and Chris are like the parents (In a non-dodgy, non gay way!) in the family, and we are the all important other members of the family. Without us, Muse would never be what it is today, we have all helped shaped what Muse is, whether it's buying records, merchandise or posting on forums and sharing views etc. We all have our own opinions, whether on songs/albums/radiohead /Live/The Fat Cats/The Future/Conspiracy Theories or likewise, but we all share the same love for Muse. Nobody is perfect, so we can excuse Matt for writing Guiding Light. Lets just enjoy the great music we have and look forward to an amazing future. You may not think it, but Muse really do love their fans. Even recently at the Big Day Out in Australia, Matt got off the plane with Lilly Allen to see hundreds of screaming fans wanting his autograph. Lilly Allen snubbed her fans and told them to "Fuck off" while making a rather spiteful gesture. Matt Bellamy could so easily have said "Hurgh Hurgh, wankers!!" but he didn't he gave his time to stay behind and get photo's with his fans and sign autographs. I met Chris in Teignmouth, I asked him to sign my Origin of Symmetry CD. Unfortunately, as it was chucking it down with rain, the pen wouldn't stay on the CD, so he said "It's ok, we will try over here" he walked under a tree (Where there was no rain) and he signed it pwoperly!! His 2 other friends had left without him. But It goes to show that Chris and Muse do stuff even though they don't have to. Like my teacher says, it's always best to go the extra mile! Muse also arranged a wordwide 'Treasure Hunt' which involved all the fans across the globe. Muse didn't have to do it, but they did it anyway. They are one of the only band that regularly arrange to answer fans questions. They also arranged for a poll to be set up to see which songs the fans wanted playing. Admittedly, on a couple gigs, they haven't played many of the songs in the Top 5 most voted for, but they have certainly provided a more varied Festival Set List. They included Bliss, Citizen Erased and even started 2 gigs with Plug In Baby! Never think they don't care, coz they do. Lastly, they also thought outside of the box, and included hundreds of fans in every gig by putting pictures of their faces on the big screens during "Nische". Admittedly, it was quite hard to find my picture up there! But I bet it was a good feeling for the fans who could actually see their faces up there! So thanks fellow Musers, fellow members of the Muse family! Post here if you have any ideas on making it a happier Muse family. >>>>>>>SPREAD-THE-WORD-OF-THE-MUSE-FAMILY<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>THEY-WILL-NOT-CONTROL-US<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WE-WILL-BE-VICTORIOUS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< LET-OUR-HEARTS-IGNITE because TOGETHER WE'RE INVINCIBLE
  17. Beata

    Oxegen 2010

    So will something from this show to download or not? someone know something ?
  18. There may not be the greatest choice of guitar solo's in the Muse catalogue, but I'm sure everyone has a favourite. And I'm not talking about riffs. If this thread gets enough interest I'll add a poll Explain why and feel free to argu- *cough* debate My favourite is the Thoughts of a Dying Atheist solo. It's really the only solo that stands out for me and compared to this solo, all the others seem boring (as solo's, not as whole songs). I can't really see anyone hearing the Guiding Light solo and thinking "Wow! That's amazing! I'm gonna take up guitar just to learn that!". And besides that, this is the only solo I can think of that doesn't resemble what Matt sings (e.g. Invincible, Guiding Light), and basically just sounds brilliant. THERE IS NO SOLO IN KNIGHTS OF CYDONIA.
  19. I was thinking maybe an album just massive in scope...obviously I never want them to retire though.
  20. I love this song one of the best songs on absolution it's a heavy song like most of the stuff on absolution but there's something about it.
  21. I know they are advancing, but I was wondering whether or not anybody thought they might double back on themselves and go back to the more generic style that they used to have with fewer electronics, and more guitar? Don't get me wrong, I love the new stuff, but I think more of the old would be for the best.
  22. Does anyone have a good quality bootleg or know of a link to one of Muse's performance at the Rock Am Ring this year? They did so well. So if anyone can help, that's great. If you send me to Musebootlegs.com, please send me a specific link, please. (I'm not too good with that site...) Thanks a lot!
  23. Vote for the greatest guitarist =D http://www.nme.com/rate/greatestguitarists/36
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