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Found 245 results

  1. So I was sitting around the other day thinking about which songs have orchestral strings in them. These are the only ones I got: City of Delusion Blackout Exogenesis (duh) Butterflies and Hurricanes I know I've forgotten at least 1-2 songs! I've heard people say that there are strings in MK Ultra, but I wasn't sure about that one. Can anyone help me fill in the rest?
  2. So I saw this thread "The Non-Muser who make us CRAZY " and it got me thinking about things that Muse fans do that makes me cringe... I don't think I am the only one feeling like this so this is a thread for people wanting to vent and share some of the weird/strange/cringing behaviours from other Muse fans that makes us crazy. Okay I'll start: I srsly hate people on FB who put the names Bellamy / Howard or Wolstenholme as their last name I could understand this coming from a 10 or 12 year-old but anybody above that age sorry but
  3. Muse are known for having unique rhythmical compositions in their songs (not only the drum part). Which song do you think is the best and most thought through from this point of view? My personal tip is DEAD STAR. The rhythmical line in this song is very unique. My other tips would probably be CE, Starlight, Apocalyspe Please, Uprising or Eternally Missed.
  4. In a sense, I like the albums as they come, but I download unreleased and fan made songs and my Muse collection has turned into a mess. The Resistance is the most frankensteined album. It now has 16 tracks; We Are The Universe opening (goes so well into Uprising), an extended Uprising (frankensteined track in itself; the studio recording of the end live riff stuck on to the end of it replacing the dull bit after the last chorus), Helsinki Jam before Undisclosed Desires, the 5.1 Extended version of Unnatural Selection (only a rip from a youtube vid, so rubbish quality, 128kbps, to be deleted soon), and Soaked (yes I know it was bhar era, works better on this album though) between IBTY and Exo. The Helsinki Jam is to be replaced by a Wankdorf Jam if a fan made 'studio' version is made. There were a few with WatU and Helsinki, so it's only a matter of time. This will be more difficult, but I'm going to hunt for a fan-made 'studio' version of the current Protestor's March intro. I may end up being a non Muse track, but I want that sort of sound intro. Sets the mood for the album well. In Black Holes and Revelations, I have switched the positions of Knights Of Cydonia and Take A Bow (the latter works so much better as a closer, though I'm trying to find a way of getting the live DUH-DUH-DUH-DUH at the end on the album version). I have stuck Glorious after MoTP (sort of a middle between Map and Soldiers Poem in terms of mood). Absolution is left alone apart from Fury after ToaDA and before RBS Origin is completely untouched, though I may stick a Bliss extended in there, or Futurism (though I like that in its own little Dead Star/IYW EP). Showbiz has Spiral Static at the end, though I'm searching for a better place to put it. If anyone can point me in the direction of anything I am searching for, I will be very grateful. Who else has done this to their Muse collection, and with what songs?
  5. While i was doing yardwork and listening to Resistance the other day, i thought of a great idea for a legit music video for the song, and im in the process of making it for a school usic and video festival, and i wanna see what all you muse lovers think of it. Reading the overview while listening to the song helps make it better. During the synths in the beginning, u have a couple kissing in either a room or secluded place outside, and a police force of some kind come and take them away, as the first verse starts they get taken away to second rooms for questioning, all the while they seem desperate and heartbroken to be taken apart, then when the first bridge starts the boy breaks out of the room and makes his way through facility and finds the girl at the start of the 2nd verse, during the 2nd verse he helps untie/free her, then during the 2nd bridge and chorus theyre making their way out of the building while evading w/e police force it is, then, going into the "we must run part" they get ready to leave, and when the we must run part starts, they make a break for it and run outside, with searchlights being thrown on them as they run, and then when "take us away from here starts" they find a place to hide and finally embrace each other again, and then as the synths start again the camera is on them but as the synths fade out u see the light from a door opening and as they both look up it fades out the verses scenes and we must run scenes are done in like a black and white slomo for effect, while the rest is in real life color, and it starts and ends the same since the synths open and end the song the same way
  6. Muse reigning. Black Keys surging. Phish phloundering? Â # Muse - 11,456 # The Strokes - 11,440 # Vampire Weekend - 11,027 # Spoon - 10,750 # The Black Keys - 10,198 Â Where else to start but with a bit of a head scratcher at the top, where British rockers Muse have an ever-so-slim lead over The Strokes. Muse pulling the top spot is almost a gimme; the trio have been an Austin favorite ever since they pinch hit as headliners at 2007s ACL Fest in place of The White Stripes, theyre a consistently wow-worthy live act and you can hear roughly a half dozen of their songs on modern rock radio in most big markets across the country. So no big surprise there, but to have The Strokes - who are four and a half years removed from their last album and have been this close to calling it quits a couple times - nipping at their heels is intriguing at the least and What the hell?-inducing at the most. Â Â Source
  7. as the title says, your about to pass away, and you want to listen to one last song by muse what would it be for me hysteria (id listen to it whilst im doing the naughty business)
  8. like posting rare videos and that kind of thing, I am pretty sick of searching youtube for them myself so i was wondering if there were any one the blogging site which is tumblr, cheers :L
  9. About a year ago, i found on Youtube an interview from this amazing Gig. But apparently, the videos (there were 3 of them i think) got deleted. Anyone knows where i can find them now? Thanks
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCqbXmThHQI I don't think this has been posted before.
  11. My custom user title appears to have been taken away from me. Was this a server error or was it unacceptable and changed back by a mod?
  12. In The Qube - Episode 103 Here's an interview with Muse Drummer Dominic Howard. He tells us the band's influences and what it was like to produce their brand new album The Resistance all by themselves.
  13. Time For Heroes - Muse NMEtv (sky 382) Today 8pm Description: Back to back videos from one of the greatest live bands of all time.
  14. I know there is already an Omegle thread, but I thought I would make a thread just for Muse related conversations. Like the Musey Cleverbot thread. http://www.omegle.com/ Here's a conversation I just had: You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying. You: Muse Stranger: you like muse You: I do. Stranger: me too You: *high five* Stranger: You: So what is your favorite song? Stranger: black holes and revelations You: Umm, that's the album Stranger: and a song You: Do you mean Starlight? Stranger: no duh You: There isn't a song called Black Holes and Revelations. Only an album Stranger: your obv not a fan then Your conversational partner has disconnected. Anyone else met any Musers on there?
  15. So, I learned about the infamous , and naturally the question posed itself: Has Muse used these chords in one of their songs! And if they have, which! I don't have too much of an ear for chords, so I can't easily offhand recognise the chords. The only real bid I had was "Hyper Music", and looking for tabs, I turned out to be completely wrong. So now, Muse fanboards! Do you suspect Muse have used this magic formula for one of their already excellent songs? And can you find out which ones, if they have?
  16. I see some people call Matt "Maffoo". It's funny But why? Is it just another spelling of Matthew? or is there a story behind it? ...just curious.
  17. Hate This And I'll Love You Megalomania Ruled By Secrecy Knights Of Cydonia Exo-Genesis Symphony (I-III) I ask this just out of curiosity on a general scale, what would people say is their most powerful closer? for me there's nothing in it.
  18. Where the Streets Have No Name.mp3 SORRY ABOUT THE TITLE. THIS IS MP3, NOT MP4. Here you go. Where the Streets Have No Name (Feat. The Edge) Live from Glastonbury 2010. Enjoy. The croud is a bit loud in the beginning, but they quiet down a bit.
  19. Not sure if this has ever been posted before, and i couldn't find anything so here goes Didn't half make me laugh at some of the words http://erato1.wordpress.com/everything-about-muse/an-unofficial-muser-dictionary/
  20. Does anyone know on which frets are the harmonics on dead star (after the solo) played? it would be really helpful. thanks
  21. visit http://www.nme.com/rate/albumsofthedecade/start and http://www.nme.com/rate/tracksofthedecade/start and vote 10/10 for MUSE!!!
  22. Hi everyone, I'd like to know what has been your worst MUSE live experience so far? I don't mean this regarding setlist-disappointments etcetera, but mainly regarding the whole experience of going to a MUSE gig and being there. I once missed a plane travelling for Muse because of some mysterious incident on the train bringing me to the airport, then had to wait half a day to get another plane. After a really turbulent flight I realised that I had not brought the address of my hotel :facepalm: so had a wee bit of trouble finding my accomodation. In the queue for the concert I learnt that there was no wardrobe, hooray for my winter clothes! Well, and then, first I got a Coke shower from the guy sitting behind me (who did not even apologise:mad:), and then some girls sitting next to me startet to chat and were giggling during the whole concert :mad:... It was really hard not to be distracted from the music... but still an amazing night! Love MUSE, forget all the rest!! What's your story?
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