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Found 245 results

  1. This thread for for anyone to post funny Muse moments (becuase there are a ton of them:yesey:) Here's one of the funniest Muse moments I've found. You've gotta check it out. It's this funny riff at Glastonbury in 2000:
  2. This has been puzzling me for a while. The producer of Quantum of Solace said that he wanted to ask Muse to do the theme song for the film but they ended up asking that Alicia Keys and it wasnt great. So it got me thinking... what current Muse song would work best for a James Bond theme song? I have been thinking about Sober but maybe not....!
  3. Try to describe this in one pithy phrase. I'll get it going. "Face Melter".
  4. I'm I those only who finds the deliberate distortion in the drums annoying any would love to hear a version without it?
  5. Well matt says "H8 is the one for me...." but what does H8 stand for? i know some use it as an acronym for hate its been buging me for the longest time(ever since i heard it) i dont care if i sound like a n00b i might feel like one if its a simple answer
  6. If my memory serves me correctly this song was never played live due to its difficulty. I love it and I reckon they would now be able to if they gave it a shot. Anyone agree?
  7. We can all debate and submit our favourite set-lists. But do we have the courage it takes to submit " The Worst Muse Set-list" ? it's a tough mission - pretty impossible to be honest. so we'll make due with a set-list of four songs. 1. sober 2. overdue 3. do we need this? 4. instant messenger it's wrong though cus I absolutely adore these songs, but out of allllll the muse songs on alllll the muse albums, ep's, singles, these are the ones who would make a rather poor live performance. would be cool if the band just performed these songs and made a hell of a show in pure spite. Mr Bellamy, Mr Howard and Mr Wolstenhome, you are hereby challanged!
  8. Y'know, by which I mean you get bored of a song or just don't listen to it, and suddenly it comes on and you listen to it, and you realise how great it is/was! For me it's been: The Small Print: Skipped it lots Stockholm Syndrome: I got annoyed with the riff at the start, I thought it started things too slowly. Now I find the willpower to wait it out. Apocalypse Please: Largely because of the 'Why does everyone bum Apocalypse Please?' thread. You must have some!
  9. Okay, so there seems to be a lot of single threads that get maximum of about 5 responses, so I thought that instead of every person making a new thread with their artwork in, we could all share it in one place. Preferably not pictures of Matt Bellamy etc Only for the reason that people's drawings of Matt and Muse in general tend to get a bit samey, it would be nice to see some different artwork and drawings of other things. I'll start. Post away.
  10. We've yet to have a proper tour this album - they've only played three cities, here and there between American shows. Last time they came to Vancouver was 2004, and the shows were 19+. I'm losing hope! I'm thinking they're finishing up their BH&R touring. (Mod post - use this thread to talk about where you'd like Muse to play next!)
  11. As some of you will know, on Absolution Dom and Chris voted to have The Small Print on the album instead of Fury, which was Matt's preferred choice (and is the Japanese bonus track). However I think Fury is a far superior track, and wondered what other people thought.
  12. Okay, so I'm not going to dare ask what Muse's best song is, what I do want your opinion of is which assassin version is better? The album version or the grand omega bosses version? Personally i prefer the latter
  13. Matt's hair, it is debatable and we all know the PMT are itching for a thread like this.
  14. ...yea, well we've got a tom, matt, dom and chris...why not!? i was persuaded to do this so dont blame me if you dont like the idea
  15. Hey! I'm seeing Muse in 2 days ( ) and I HAVE to meet them! LOL I live in the US and it's not like this oppurtunity will come up often... so I was wondering, are they easy to meet? Do they usually have tight security? Keep in mind that they aren't as popular over here as they are in the UK.  But anyway, do they usually walk about before and/or after the show? I mean they must get bored... I dunno  For those of you who have met Muse, when, where and how did it happen? I MUST KNOW! I am obsessed...
  16. Guest

    Best/Worst Muse Video

    What are your favourite and least favourite Muse vids? Not the song, just based only on the video for the track. Mine are: Best - Time Is Running Out Worst - Uno
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