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Found 245 results

  1. as the title says, your about to pass away, and you want to listen to one last song by muse what would it be for me hysteria (id listen to it whilst im doing the naughty business)
  2. My custom user title appears to have been taken away from me. Was this a server error or was it unacceptable and changed back by a mod?
  3. Hi everyone, I'd like to know what has been your worst MUSE live experience so far? I don't mean this regarding setlist-disappointments etcetera, but mainly regarding the whole experience of going to a MUSE gig and being there. I once missed a plane travelling for Muse because of some mysterious incident on the train bringing me to the airport, then had to wait half a day to get another plane. After a really turbulent flight I realised that I had not brought the address of my hotel :facepalm: so had a wee bit of trouble finding my accomodation. In the queue for the concert I learnt that there was no wardrobe, hooray for my winter clothes! Well, and then, first I got a Coke shower from the guy sitting behind me (who did not even apologise:mad:), and then some girls sitting next to me startet to chat and were giggling during the whole concert :mad:... It was really hard not to be distracted from the music... but still an amazing night! Love MUSE, forget all the rest!! What's your story?
  4. In The Qube - Episode 103 Here's an interview with Muse Drummer Dominic Howard. He tells us the band's influences and what it was like to produce their brand new album The Resistance all by themselves.
  5. Not sure if this has ever been posted before, and i couldn't find anything so here goes Didn't half make me laugh at some of the words http://erato1.wordpress.com/everything-about-muse/an-unofficial-muser-dictionary/
  6. Time For Heroes - Muse NMEtv (sky 382) Today 8pm Description: Back to back videos from one of the greatest live bands of all time.
  7. I see some people call Matt "Maffoo". It's funny But why? Is it just another spelling of Matthew? or is there a story behind it? ...just curious.
  8. Just sat here cracking up at this article and thought I'd share it with you all. In 2001, Muse appeared on the soon-to-be-canceled children’s series Live & Kicking to play their then-current single “New Born”. The BBC producers told the band that they had to pretend to play their instruments and that there couldn’t be any live vocals as well. So how does Muse respond in the performance video? Well, for starters, Bellamy spends the piano intro gliding his hands over the keys randomly. In case that didn’t get the message across, he soon starts waving his hands in the air, nowhere near the keys he’s supposed to be playing. Once the guitar kicks in, Bellamy makes some of the most exaggerated gestures possible during the intro riff and then spends the verse with his hands in the air while the rapid guitar section plays out of the speakers. Oh, and bassist Chris Wolstenholme switches places with Howard. The best part of this video is just how absurd Bellamy’s behavior is. He holds his guitar upside down, randomly gestures to the audience, and literally rolls around on the floor for the last 30 seconds. Howard gets in some good moves too, as he jumps around, strumming the bass like a guitar. Muse revisited these antics later on another TV series, including the famous performance of “Uprising” on an Italian TV show about football (Why Muse was performing on a football show, I have no idea) during which all three band members switched places, with Bellamy on drums, Howard on bass, and Wolstenholme on guitar. They not only did this for the song but for the short interview afterward, too. Both of these performances should serve as a warning to future TV producers. Let Muse get on with the show. Otherwise, they’ll embarrass you and have a laugh for themselves. God Bless Muse. Full article: http://consequenceofsound.net/2010/08/03/youtube-live-dont-tell-muse-to-mime/
  9. I searched, but couldn't find a thread in which these two battle it out! It's not like the Muse Song Tournament thing, I just want to know which one people prefer, as I usually find myself torn between the two! I have a feeling Dead Star will win, but ya never know ... I'm leaning sliiiightly more towards DS at the mo, but it changes often, lol. I def. think In Your World is verryyyy underrated, though. It's an awesome song! Anyhoo(doo)... vote, please!
  10. Couldnt find it posted anywere Fri 13th (hmmm) ABC2 at 9.30pm according to the Tv Guide in the Sunday Mail. Yippee i havent seen it yet.
  11. Muse got 1 song in guitar hero 3 (knights of cydonia) and 1 in guitar hero 5 (plug in baby) Knights of cydonia was not in "guitar hero greatest hits" while it was one of the favorites by the people who played guitar hero 3 and wanted to buy gh:gh I found out that plug in baby is not exportable (i'm pretty pissed about that) while matt bellamy himself was in the game and Uprising is in the next game. that might mean that "plug in baby and Knights of Cydonia" will be in a muse track-pack or a game related to muse. what do you think? and vote in the poll what you want
  12. Does anyone know on which frets are the harmonics on dead star (after the solo) played? it would be really helpful. thanks
  13. visit http://www.nme.com/rate/albumsofthedecade/start and http://www.nme.com/rate/tracksofthedecade/start and vote 10/10 for MUSE!!!
  14. Matt AKA "Scrap Bellamy" oversees the bands day at Teignmouth carnival on the Den (Saturday 31st July 2010). This model of Matt has been made from recycled materials by Michelle Wilcox & Robin Brown, with help from children attending creative workshops during carnival week.
  15. Which one? You decide. I'm torn on this one.. Falling down isn't a song that is largely talked about but I just love it to bits! So I guess I'll go with that for today!
  16. Vote for the greatest guitarist =D http://www.nme.com/rate/greatestguitarists/36
  17. Hello one and all, I'm moving out of my house and no longer have room for a lot of my Muse collection, so I am selling a large portion of it on eBay - all lots start at 1p. Most items are CD and DVD Singles from the Showbiz era right up to Black Holes and Revelations (example: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Muse-Muscle-Museum-CD2-original-release-1999-/200504025984?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_CDsDVDs_CDs_CDs_GL&hash=item2eaef8a380 ). I would rather these items went to a true collector than some random eBayer!! all items are in excellent condition, please take a look if you are interested: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/muse505/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p4340
  18. Hosted by Katy Perry, the 2010 Teen Choice Awards will air Monday, August 9 on FOX. Choice Music: Rock Group Kings of Leon MGMT Muse Paramore Train source
  19. Muse Bassist Disses Twilight, His Million Dollar Meal Ticket While Muse frontman Matt Bellamy is busy nailing Kate Hudson, bassist Chris Wolstenholme is risking his life by insulting the Twilight franchise…the same franchise that made his band a favorite amongst money-spending Twi-hards around the globe. Muse has appeared on every Twilight soundtrack thus far, and while their dark rock music suits the movies, they’re also a favorite of author Stephenie Meyer. Yes, she has dedicated books to the band. Muse, it seems, is her muse. But Chris ain’t so sold on the whole ‘appear on a cheesy tween movie soundtrack, get billions of fans’ formula, telling BBC’s Radio 1, “It’s very difficult in America, because you don’t have anything like Radio 1, nothing is national. You have to take every opportunity you get over there, and sometimes you have to sell your soul.” Chris also added, “I’m not sure how cool it is to be on those kind of things, but sometimes you’ve just got to get your music out there in different ways.” Oh, we have so many questions. Like, has Chris ever heard of our national radio hero, Ryan Seacrest? Has he listened at all to the 3 soundtracks, which are musically quite kick-ass? Is selling your soul really so bad when it results in you getting to play Madison Square Garden? And also, why is your music so cheesy and crappy? Oops, did we just insert our personal opinion into this post? Sorry about that…we just have a hard time listening to some guy whine about being on awesome soundtracks with the likes of Bon Iver, Lykke Li, Beck, Bat For Lashes, Grizzly Bear, St. Vincent, Iron and Wine, Robert Pattinson…I mean when it comes to the musical company one keeps, he could be doing a lot worse. Suck it up, Chris! Or at least check out your bursting bank account before you lament the loss of your soul. source: http://twilight.thefablife.com/2010-07-14/muse-bassist-dishes-twilight-his-million-dollar-meal-ticket/ I feel the red mist coming on.
  20. If my memory serves me correctly this song was never played live due to its difficulty. I love it and I reckon they would now be able to if they gave it a shot. Anyone agree?
  21. I was just interested as to when Muse are next going to appear on the radio or on television. By this I mean playing live, not just having one of their songs played on the radio or on tv. Thanks
  22. I was traveling to a job interview last week and I happened to sit behind two girls with twilight tshirts on and there was a third with an oasis tshirt on however muse came on someones laptop computer I was like anyhow as I was continuing to write in my journal I over heard this... "Muse fans are nothing but a pack of psychotic,weird alien loving pack of fucken nutjobs who likes a gay weasly lead singer who sounds like his nuts has been caught in a bear trap and is runing around to get the trap off" Me and this person whose laptop was playing muse was like So what you think tis a good compliment dont ya think.
  23. I know they are advancing, but I was wondering whether or not anybody thought they might double back on themselves and go back to the more generic style that they used to have with fewer electronics, and more guitar? Don't get me wrong, I love the new stuff, but I think more of the old would be for the best.
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