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Found 245 results

  1. Muse are known for having unique rhythmical compositions in their songs (not only the drum part). Which song do you think is the best and most thought through from this point of view? My personal tip is DEAD STAR. The rhythmical line in this song is very unique. My other tips would probably be CE, Starlight, Apocalyspe Please, Uprising or Eternally Missed.
  2. do you ? i feel that its one of the most hated tracks ever released by Muse never hear anyone praising it or even taking in a good way about the song
  3. I searched for this thread, but I couldn't find it anywhere, so if it exists (and somehow I think it does) I'm sorry! Post the funny Muse videos here, that you made or watched. (: This is one of mine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymZ7fFropEk
  4. muse fans are the best fans in the world. not only because that we listen to the best band in the world, but because every muse fan is AWESOME. seriously. that's pretty rare in this world. i keep reading stuff that musefans have said, and i'm surprised EVERY time. it's so.. i dunno. wow. you're awesome. thanks for that.
  5. Hi! I was wondering, is there any Muse songs/lyrics that mean anything to you like they made you think about the world and what's going on, influences you in anyway or change the way you think about people? If so, then please share them, thanks!
  6. Source: http://www.england2018bid.com/news/330/muse-back-england-2018-at-wembley.aspx 'Muse' in the title should be replaced as 'Chris Wolstenholme'. Starlight will be included in the soundtrack?
  7. So my uncle works for a jewelry store that is famous for their custom-made jewelry, and I've just gotten around to asking him about making myself a custom-made Muse inspired necklace and he says he can make pretty much anything I can imagine. Which is awesome but also makes it difficult because there are so many options I have with making this necklace.... So I was wondering if anyone on here has any cool ideas, pics, ANYTHING that I could use to potentially create a Muse-y necklace? I've had a few things in mind but they're really basic and typical...like just the MUSE logo, or the SMBH logo... but I know there are more ideas out there! Anything would help! Thank you!
  8. Hey i was thinking that all us Aussies could collaborate and put together a setlist for the Muse guys when they play in December, and we could send it to the email that is in the contact section on the Muse site. Anyone up for it? Suggest the five songs you would most like them to play, and we shall go from there.
  9. Chris talks about football so much on there, it has gotten to the stage that he's advertising kick arounds in a park in Barnet, London. I'm surprised he advertises it on there. With all the obsessed Muse fans surely thousands of people must turn up, no? Does anyone know the teams Muse support?
  10. Nice interview with Matt about the upcoming Wembley shows, expanding a bit on what NME already reported. Scans below, haven't got time to transcribe, so if someone else fancies it feel free!
  11. We're very pleased to announce that Biffy Clyro and Dead Letter Circus will be supporting Muse in Australia this December. Biffy will join the band at their shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth while Dead Letter Circus will support Muse in Brisbane. Click on the individual tour dates below for more info and to buy tickets. Check out Biffy Clyro at their website here. Check out Dead Letter Circus at their website here. Source: http://muse.mu/news/article/695/australian-supports-announced/
  12. Muse are nominated for Best Rock Video and Best Special Effects for the Uprising video. Source BEST ROCK VIDEO 30 Seconds To Mars - Kings and Queens Muse - Uprising Paramore - Ignorance Florence + the Machine - Dog Days Are Over MGMT - Flash Delirium BEST SFX (SPECIAL EFFECTS) Lady Gaga - Bad Romance Eminem - Not Afraid Muse - Uprising Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown Dan Black - Symphonies VOTE HERE
  13. Looks like Muse are in yet another NME poll, dont know how long until this one is firmly rigged in their favor. Muse's Entry Link: http://www.nme.com/ratemy/188202/bands-of-the-summer/item/188277 If you even want Muse to win.
  14. http://www.theartsdesk.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=2186:muse-wembley-stadium&Itemid=27 Some years ago I saw Muse playing at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge. Towards the end of the show, at a climactic moment (I think it might have been during their proggy epic, “New Born”), singer and guitarist Matt Bellamy reached into a bag attached to his microphone stand, pulled out a handful of shiny golden confetti, and flung it into the air. It fluttered downwards most attractively. It was a terrific show, with some truly powerful music, but as far as visuals were concerned, the confetti moment was about as good as it got. Compare, and contrast, that little affair with last night, the first of two nights at Wembley Stadium. Musically they were recognisably the same band – though over the years they have acquired a few more influences (adding Queen, disco and spaghetti-western themes to their unique cocktail of styles). But visually they were on another planet, somewhere in another galaxy: this was awesome, dazzling, dizzying, huge. I’ve followed their progress over the years, and each time I see them, they get bigger, more epic, more fantastic. No wonder Muse win so many awards and polls as “best live band”. At Wembley, the stage set was built to resemble the corner of some weirdly proportioned office block, beneath which the band performed; a satellite stage (now de rigueur in stadium shows) was also part of their armoury, as were a series of big illuminated spheres arranged behind the stage. Also: a spaceship made an appearance (I won’t give away its surprise ingredient). And the video screens showed a brilliantly jittery rendition of the events on stage. But it was the lighting that played a real blinder. At times it felt as if I was staring at the dawn of creation, into an explosion of light and colour; floodlights pulsed, immaculately synchronised with the drums of Dominic Howard, while a firmament of spotlights crackled, sparked, snapped and sizzled. Of course, none of this would have meant much without the bulging compendium of epic, stadium-filling choruses and riffs that Muse have assembled in their decade or so as a recording band, and the gut-rumbling power with which they delivered their songs. In Bellamy, they have a genuinely brilliant musician, a guitarist of astounding fluidity, a vocalist whose voice soars and shimmers, and a pianist of some accomplishment. Bassist Chris Wolstenholme, meanwhile, plays with a distinctive thrum and locks into the drummer’s groove. (Also on stage was the mysterious fourth member, playing keyboards and other instruments, vital but unacknowledged.) This two-hour show delivered everything that a Muse fan could reasonably have expected: opening with “Uprising”, from last year’s The Resistance album (complete with extras marching around waving flags bearing the song’s slogan, “They will not control us”), they kept the crowd singing and punching the air with blockbuster tunes such as “Supermassive Black Hole” (with more than a whiff of Hendrix in Bellamy’s guitar playing), “New Born”, “Feeling Good”, “Time Is Running Out”, the sensational “Stockholm Syndrome”, and of course the screaming “Plug In Baby”. The momentum flagged briefly during a patch of slow songs, but not for long. There’s a certain sort of rock-music purist who sniffs at stadium rock as not being the “real thing”; true, it’s a long way from being within spitting distance of a band, or following the movements of a guitarist’s fingers at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire. But stadium rock is a thing unto itself, a form of entertainment that has evolved to incorporate music, spectacle, razzmatazz, circus. Also, the crowd themselves play a crucial part, seething and singing and bobbling. At its best, it’s irresistible. And this show was irresistible. Many of Muse’s songs are rooted in a preposterous mythology in which “they” (whoever “they” might be) are constantly out to get us, control us, force us to submit to “their” will. Frankly, it’s all a bit silly, but it didn’t stop me from singing at the top of my voice the refrain from the absurd and extraordinary “Knights of Cydonia”: “No one’s gonna take me alive.” Ridiculous; outrageous; fantastic.
  15. Hate This And I'll Love You Megalomania Ruled By Secrecy Knights Of Cydonia Exo-Genesis Symphony (I-III) I ask this just out of curiosity on a general scale, what would people say is their most powerful closer? for me there's nothing in it.
  16. Muse: Official Top 20 355 - MTV Rocks Today 10:00am - 12:00pm
  17. Growing up, I can honestly say I never had a favorite band, in fact, listening to the radio just aggravated me. All you ever seem to hear is the same generic rock and pop over and over again. Honestly, when people would say "so and so" is there favorite band, it would just piss me off and drive me away from music becuase nothing special separated that band from the rest of the crowd. I'll admit, the first band that I actually truly liked was Coldplay, they struck me as somewhat different, and what I liked most was there constant and nice incorporation of piano into their music. If i thought this was good, I had no idea what unbelievable music was about to head my way. The first song I heard by Muse was New Born, I was instantly hooked after hearing the first 3 notes of the opening piano riff. My obsession with this band now is beyond levels that I could ever imagine. I never saw myself as someone that would have a favorite band, Muse changed that, and in turn, inspired to continue playing piano. Looking back at what I wrote, I may be a bit harsh towards other music, but I've always liked my dad's music (Genesis and Peter Gabriel) and a good amount of classical music (chopin). But Muse has led me to many good things, including a continued habbit of playing piano, and even Radiohead lol. Take a look at my cover of Map of the Problematique if you're interested, it starts of with slow piano and then I bring in a backing track to suppor the piano. Let me know what you guys think, I really appreciate feedback form die hard Muse fans. Btw, I am very excited for back to back shows in Cincinnati and Columbus Ohio this coming October. Also, please don't delete this, feedback and hearing your stories would mean a lot to me.
  18. It's from the next edition (28/08/10). That's the biggest image available at the moment. It's pretty blatant...
  19. Has anyone read the book 1984 by George Orwell? If so, did anyone notice the huge connection with the song United States of Eurasia?
  20. Not quite in the media, but if you get the iTunes 10 from the apple site, on the installer background for the iPod Touch the album cover is The Resistance! I'll try to get an image up if I can find one. Go install it though, it made my day. They are alongside Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, La Roux, which can either be taken as a good or bad thing.
  21. Just found this made . But I so want some:yesey: 'In addition to her friends, Rossetto found inspiration in the English alternative-rock band Muse, as in "Muse is my inspiration," which is posted on her website. In paying homage to the band, she subtly mixed their song titles into her expanding flavor line. Raspberry Vanilla Uprising, anyone? Chocolate Hysteria? (Dark chocolate, chocolate chunks and cayenne pepper.) Champagne Rosemary Resistance? Lemon Bliss? (Lemon, white chocolate and almonds.) "The Lemon Bliss is very refreshing for the summer," she said. It also happens to be her favorite flavor, followed closely by Chocolate Hysteria.' http://www.dailyrecord.com/article/20100829/LIFEFRONT/100827036/-1/ENTFRONT/Mountain+Lakes+baker+turns+biscotti+into+sweet+success
  22. Sorry if this has already been posted, I honestly couldn't find an answer searching! I'm just wondering what Equivalent grade Ruled by Secrecy, like for a piano exam or something similar. Thanks a million in advance!
  23. This thread is for all MUSE fans to share how far they would go for MUSE. You could share pictures of your drawings, personal items, cool stuffs related to MUSE. Here's one from me... A custom made MUSE HD2 sticker! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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