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Found 245 results

  1. Absolution or The Resistance? Absolution - Apocalypse Please - Butterflies & Hurricanes - Endlessly - Ruled By Secrecy The Resistance - United States of Eurasia - I Belong to You - Cross-Pollination - Redemption That.... is one tough cookie As much as I love the aforementioned tracks from The Resistance, Absolution contains so much bombast that it wins out. It seems like that album was structured around the piano tracks (with the exception of Endlessly), giving them more weighting. Absolution it is!
  2. Muse is nominated in categories Anthem of the year and Best headliner!!! Go Go Go VOTE!!! http://eu.festivalawards.com/
  3. 16 Muse songs made it into XFM's top 1,000 songs of all time. http://www.xfm.co.uk/news/2010/the-top-1000-songs-of-all-time-ab
  4. For my birthday my aunty gave me tickets to a Muse Concert on 9 December, but now my mum tells me I can't go because we need to go overseas on the 7 December!! And its a place I don't even want to go! I have been so angry:mad: for the past few days what can I say to her to convince her to let me go somehow
  5. US Muse fans... Fancy designing an official Muse t-shirt? Radio stations across the US are running a competition for a fan designed t-shirt to be sold through the band's official store. The grand prize winner will also get travel (within the US) and accommodation for them and a friend to Muse's show in Columbus, Ohio on October 12th as well as a meet and greet with the band! 8 runners up prize winners will receive a pair of tickets to a Muse show on the US tour and one of everything from the merch booth at the gig! A list of participating radio stations and the corresponding shows finalists will win tickets to are below. Tune in or check out their websites to find out more about the competition and to read the terms and conditions. The band will be picking the 9 finalists from each station next month and then we'll let you guys decide the winner via a poll here on muse.mu. KBZT/San Diego KKDO/Sacramento KPEK/Albuquerque KTCL/Denver WLUM/Milwaukee KMYZ/Oklahoma City WFTK/Cincinnati WWCD/Columbus WRXP/Uniondale New York Source: http://muse.mu/news/article/697/design-a-new-muse-t-shirt-us-comp/
  6. Matt's hair, it is debatable and we all know the PMT are itching for a thread like this.
  7. Well matt says "H8 is the one for me...." but what does H8 stand for? i know some use it as an acronym for hate its been buging me for the longest time(ever since i heard it) i dont care if i sound like a n00b i might feel like one if its a simple answer
  8. And walk around town following my daily routine. Joking. Theres an 18th party coming up in a couple of months, and the theme is what you want to be when your older. I immediately thought Matt Bellamy. I could go as red matt from wembley, lab coat matt (although people may mistake for for a science teacher) hullabaloo matt, or something like that. Any clothes i could wear? where to get them from? and any other ideas?
  9. Heeeey! I was inspired while back, and i made myself a Manson Glitterati pendant. I loved it. And i thought, maybe other people would love it too. So i made a few, and i put them up for sale here. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290491674779 Ive also made earrings and a bunch of his other guitars. (:
  10. I have looked and haven't seen anything posted in this forum about this. I know we do the twitter list aka sexy plane for the shows but what about people doing live audio feeds thru their cell phones to sites such as : http://en.1000mikes.com/?? This is done for almost all of the U2 shows. I would say there is always someone who does it for about 95 percent of the shows.. Audio can be lower quality but at least we all can here it live online and experience along with the musers at the show. Has this ever been done? If so what happened? What are your thoughts on this.. I think it would be pretty awesome if we started doing this or at least gave it a try at a couple of shows.
  11. I'm I those only who finds the deliberate distortion in the drums annoying any would love to hear a version without it?
  12. so yeah guys I was watchin this vid of plug in baby the other day and I noticed matt mimes everything, like you can even tell he's not playing guetar live sometimes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbB-mICjkQM&ob=av3e
  13. http://erato1.wordpress.com/ Back To The Future When it comes to guitars, Muse’s Matt Bellamy designs, loves and destroys. Story by Matt Reekie, Photo by Peier Van Velihoven Englishman Matt Bellamy (born 9 June, 1978) is a guitar innovator, not only for his playing with alternative trio Muse but for the crazy guitar designs he has helped pioneer in collaboration with legendary UK guitar builder Hugh Manson Australian Guitar catches the Muse main man as he and band mates Chris Wolstenholme (bass/vocals) and Dominic Howard (drums) prepare to head back to Australia again this November. Their first headlining visit in support of their fifth album, 2009s The Resistance, Muse are bringing every light, laser beam and video screen of their elaborate stage show for the first time ever. And Bellamy will be packing a full arsenal of mind-blowing Manson creations. Is Hugh Manson a significant secret to your success? MB: I’m certainly very lucky in that we came from a fairly remote part of England. Devon – which is in the southwest – is like a rural place by the sea; there are not really any major cities nearby. So to have been brought up in the place where Hugh Manson was based was a stroke of luck. He was always known as having the best guitar shop in the area. I think he used to be Led Zeppelin’s guitar tech in the ’70s and when he retired from touring he retired to that part of Devon. When I was growing up I couldn’t afford any of his guitars. It wasn’t till I was around 20 or 21, when Muse started touring on our first album ['99s Showbiz], I thought, well I’ve got a bit of money now, for the first time I can go and buy one his guitars. The first one I bought was a seven-string that I used on ‘Citizen Erased’ on our second album [2001s Origin of Svmmetrv] but when I met him he explained to me that he could make any guitar that I wanted, any shape or any design. So I went away from that and I thought, well if I’m going to spend a couple of thousand quid on a custom-made guitar then I might as well make something unique. Let me guess, The Delorean? MB: Yes. I think because it was the first expensive thing that I’d ever bought in my life, I put a lot of effort into making sure it was something unique and interesting. I went back to the drawing board and started going through various guitars that I’d played and I always liked the body shape of the SG but also the Telecaster. And I prefer the sound of P-90 Gibson guitars. So I was kind of looking for something that looked like a Telecaster but sounded a bit more like a Gibson. So I sketched out a guitar shape, which is basically similar to a Telecaster but it has a little hook on it, a bit like an SG. Then I thought to myself, instead of getting a standard wooden guitar I might as well get something unusual. I was a big fan of Back To The Future and I loved the car, the Delorean. I found out it was made of aluminium or steel or something so I thought it might be cool to get a guitar that had a rough metal finish, not a shiny metal finish. As I was putting more thought into it, I decided to get some effects put in there as well. Because I’m a singer I can always move away from the pedal board and still do some special effects on the guitar. That’s the reason I put effects in there. Was the in-built effects addition something that Hugh was already doing or was that your idea? MB: I don’t think he’d ever done anything like that before. He had done certain unusual things but nothing to do with putting electronics on guitars, or at least not the amount of electronics that I wanted. So he had to get assistance from someone else to help him with some of those bits. Especially when I started getting involved in [Korg] Kaoss Pads and ribbon controllers and proximity sensors and all these kinds of effects. Some of them were quite difficult to get mounted into the guitar. That was definitely new for him. The designs become more hi-tech after The Delorean, right? MB: Yeah, the Delorean was pretty straightforward. It had a [MXR Phase 90] phaser in it and [Z.Vex] Fuzz Factory in it, which is like an extreme distortion pedal. Then the one I did after that had a proximity wire and it also had a ribbon controller which was taken from a synthesizer so I could get Theremin -type sounds. Since then I’ve done various other things. The most common one has a Kaoss Pad inside, because it’s so versatile, you can connect it to any MIDI device. Obviously you can connect it to a MIDI Kaoss Pad but you can also connect it to any MIDI synth and you’ve got X and Y controllers, so you can do effects or samples or anything. One of your latest inventions is the “Keytarcaster”, a guitar with strings but no pickups and a two-octave keyboard built into the body, tell us about that? MB: It’s not even technically a guitar. It’s a piano keyboard on one side and stringed contact MIDI controller. So it looks like a guitar but it’s actually a keyboard. We had a song on the new album [2009s The Resistance] called ‘Undisclosed Desires’ and the recording has actually got no guitar or piano on it but it’s got a lot of keyboard parts. It’s got deep bass-synth parts and also some high-synth parts and I wanted to be able to play those things live without Sitting down or without being stuck behind a keyboard. So I came up with the idea of keeping my guitar shape but where the right hand would be I’ve put a two-octave keyboard with full size keys, then on the fretboard where my left hand would be I’ve got a stringed contact controller. It’s stringed exactly like a guitar only when the string makes contact with the fret it sends out a MIDI signal. So technically I’ve got two separate keyboards, one for the left hand, one for the right hand. The left hand plays deep bass-synth sustaining notes while the right hand does the high-pitched, sort of rhythmic stuff. Also, the most recent one I had made was for a song called ‘The Resistance’, which starts off with lots of guitars doing harmonies together and also some synthesizers all mixed together creating a sort of choir of Theremins. That was something I couldn’t really do properly live so I decided to get my first double-neck made. The top neck is a standard six-string guitar but the bottom neck is a fretless six-string with an EBow built in. So when you touch it, it sounds very similar to a Theremin. Because there are no frets you can just slide your fingers around and get any tone you want, quarter tones or micro tones and you can do that whilst holding down chords or sustaining notes [on the other neck] at the same time.
  14. In a sense, I like the albums as they come, but I download unreleased and fan made songs and my Muse collection has turned into a mess. The Resistance is the most frankensteined album. It now has 16 tracks; We Are The Universe opening (goes so well into Uprising), an extended Uprising (frankensteined track in itself; the studio recording of the end live riff stuck on to the end of it replacing the dull bit after the last chorus), Helsinki Jam before Undisclosed Desires, the 5.1 Extended version of Unnatural Selection (only a rip from a youtube vid, so rubbish quality, 128kbps, to be deleted soon), and Soaked (yes I know it was bhar era, works better on this album though) between IBTY and Exo. The Helsinki Jam is to be replaced by a Wankdorf Jam if a fan made 'studio' version is made. There were a few with WatU and Helsinki, so it's only a matter of time. This will be more difficult, but I'm going to hunt for a fan-made 'studio' version of the current Protestor's March intro. I may end up being a non Muse track, but I want that sort of sound intro. Sets the mood for the album well. In Black Holes and Revelations, I have switched the positions of Knights Of Cydonia and Take A Bow (the latter works so much better as a closer, though I'm trying to find a way of getting the live DUH-DUH-DUH-DUH at the end on the album version). I have stuck Glorious after MoTP (sort of a middle between Map and Soldiers Poem in terms of mood). Absolution is left alone apart from Fury after ToaDA and before RBS Origin is completely untouched, though I may stick a Bliss extended in there, or Futurism (though I like that in its own little Dead Star/IYW EP). Showbiz has Spiral Static at the end, though I'm searching for a better place to put it. If anyone can point me in the direction of anything I am searching for, I will be very grateful. Who else has done this to their Muse collection, and with what songs?
  15. Just saw this on the main page. I think it's new. http://musesheetmusicdownloads.epartnershub.com/ Quite expensive though... More expensive than the songs! Someone already had a look at any of them?
  16. Simple concept, what do you personally think are Muse's 'Best' in each of the following categories? I know there are tons of threads about what's your fave this or the best that, but this one kinda sums it all up in an award-ceremony stylie (lolwut). You can picture red carpets, trophies, aliens, zetas and whathaveyou if you want... and the best part is, no matter what you've selected as the winner, Muse will always be the ones collecting the award! Yes, I have no life... Best song: Best song played live: Best live performance: Best live show/ gig: Best studio album: Best single: Best dvd: Best b-side: Best cover: Best jam/ riff (e.g. Osaka/ Maggies' Farm etc.): Best collectible release (e.g. OoS promo with screwdriver/ Muse EP etc.): Best video: Best lyric: Best song/album name: Best opener: Best closer: Best setlist (name the gig): Best riff: Best drumming on a song: Best bass-line: Best drum kit: Best guitar (instrument): Best bass (instrument): Funniest moment: Best tour: Best 'intimate' gig (smaller venue): Best piano song: Best album artwork: Best single artwork: Best Bellamy (Matt's hair/ clothes era): Best-looking member: Best dressed member: Most talented member: Bloody 'ell that's a lot of categories . Add more if you can think of any, I've run outta ideas . You can use the above as a template and paste your answers in. So, get voting! PS - it might be fun to make a 'Worst' equivalent thread for all those categories, too...
  17. From her Facebook... Mon Coeur S'ouvre a ta Voix Today at 03:41 I am totally obsessed with the new MUSE cd. Everytime I listen to it I feel like I am riding this mad wave of euphoria.....and I am sort of overtaken with the overwhelming desire to sing along really REALLY loudly or burst into tears. It's not really a rock record or even a progressive rock record or even a modern Opera but it seeps and sprawls all over me and I recognize my own human experience in it: When I am at my most vulnerable and when I am at my most rageful my most indignant my most humane my most cruel and my most beautiful and poetic and romantic DO you think if I met him, Mat Bellamy might love me back?
  18. So, long story short, I got dragged into a Westlife concert. Like that wasn't bad enough, I also had to listen to them doing a poor cover of Kings of Leon's "Sex on Fire".. as my friend noticed I definately wasn't happy with this, she was like.. hey, calm down - at least they didn't do a Muse cover! But guess what... a coupple minutes later, I start hearing something VERY familiar. Yes, the exogenesis part 1!! I was like... WTF?!?! That definately did NOT belong to a Westlife concert... Seriously, I really doubt Westlife have gotten the premission to do this? And if they have... WHY? I found some of it on youtube.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vBbe2lTIzM
  19. I'll assume this is legit -- Tweet from Eric Webb, Entertainment reporter for Oklahoma Gazette: http://twitter.com/SalaciousScribe
  20. Can one of the forum members that attended one of the CA shows and who noticed the Merch for sale at the gig tell me what the range in prices were for any T's, long or short sleeve? Murf
  21. Okay. Basically, you just have to (well, you don't HAVE to) post things about Muse which made your day. Like, a few days ago, I was sitting next to a humongous chav. Seriously, he was like a spotty, tall version of Justin Bieber. Total prat, and under the impression that Muse are a useless hunk of gobshite. So, I was sitting next to him, and I started singing Resistance (It could be wrong could be wrong) and he started singing along! That mindf***ed me for the rest of the day, but made me smile. It made my day!
  22. dekza

    2011 leg of TR tour?

    Does anyone know if the band is planning a 2011 leg of the tour? Where do you think they would go? I'm thinking either South America or parts of Europe and Asia where they haven't played for a long time or at all. (Russia, Israel, Romania, Ukraine...)
  23. This is what my mate just Facebooked: I commented: I'm more than happy to concede that Matt said it wrong, but she won't do it!
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