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Found 129 results

  1. I'll start with light contrast. Â Apocalypse Please and Panic Station. Â What other two songs do you think represent MUSE at opposite ends of the spectrum?
  2. Please check out a compilation of the awesome concert by Muse@sportpaleis Antwerp on 18 december 2012. Enjoy!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ggvWnyHDDg Muse forever!
  3. Greetings everybody! I wanted to ask you regarding "The Ressistance - Deluxe box set" I found a difference between Vinyl and CD recording, I played the vinyl with this equipment: - Pioneer PL-540 turntable with a Shure M97xE cartridge and Audio-technica headshell - Sansui AU-717 amplifier - Sansui S-50 speakers connected with oxygen-free copper wires And I played the CD with this equipment: - CD-Player Sony CDP-S45 connected to amplifier with Monster oxygen-free copper wires - Sansui AU-717 amplifier - Sansui S-50 speakers connected with oxygen-free copper wires I heard closely both recordings and I found the CD quite "noisy" compared with Vinyl sound, mostly in high tones. Taking apart the discussion between "cd/vinyl, which is better?", somebody experienced this difference?. Does the CD version a victim of "loudness war"? Thanks!! Kind regards, Bruno.
  4. Learn How to Play Follow Me by Muse on Piano with the only Interactive Piano Tutorial online.
  5. Michelle Greenwood-Brown (previous surname "Wilcox") has just completed a pixelated Mosaic of Matthew Bellamy, it has just gone up for sale on eBay. if you live in Teignmouth (Muse's home town) you can come and see it at the TAAG Gallery. Michelle in 2009 created a mosaic guitar with the Resistance album cover that was signed by all three members of the band and was donated to The Helen Foundation, that sold for £8100. Here is a link to the mosaic for sale: http://my.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MyEbayBeta&CurrentPage=MyeBayNextSelling&ssPageName=STRK:ME:LNLK:MESEX Here is a link to the TAAG Gallery to explain how to visit and see the mosaic: http://www.teignmoutharts.org/. 20 percent of the final sale goes to TAAG. Here is a link tomThe Helen Foundation website and the Muse Guitar from 2009: http://www.thehelenfoundation.org.uk/index.php?id=4,186,0,0,1,0
  6. So once upon a Muse concert, me and my friend were wondering if there was any merch in the form of an all-over printed t-shirt of the Muse album artwork that existed at all... Because we thought it would look awesome. Haven't found any in existence so far so I thought I'd draw up a quick artists-impression of what they might look like and OMG I want them all. Can't find a company that would print such shirts for a decent price though. Please tell me that we're not the only ones that would buy these!
  7. Hello everyone. We're collecting all of the posts regarding order issues and placing them in this thread to ensure that the complaints are not lost and that they can be addressed properly. If you see your post in here and it has been resolved, please let us know that the issue has been resolved. Similarly, if you see your post and it hasn't been resolved, please feel free to update it with current information. Hopefully it's all addressed soon. -Jessica *edit* Customer Service contacts: US orders: us-muse@warnerbrosrecords.com http://muse.warnerbrosrecords.com/contacts/ Canada: support@rhinorecords.ca (613) 228-2029 Japan: https://shop.wmg.jp/contacts Australia: stores@warnermusic.com
  8. Hi!! I found a full concert, from the 2nd Law!.. Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQLnuWzqBac
  9. Muse were on Saturday Night Live in NY with Daniel Craig last night...just wondering what they played and if they were in any skits as I don't watch SNL anymore.
  10. Hi i got a question, i buy a stratocaster John Mayer signature by Fender, i dont got it now, because i buy from ebay, and it comes in a plane, my question is.. i can play MUSE songs?, can i get the same sound? like a Manson? I like so much Manson sound, for example in guiding light solo or unnatural selection, or all the 2nd law!
  11. For me, and this may be an opinion a few others share, the last two albums have been minor disappointments. I understand the need to keep things fresh and there are some great tracks on both The Resistance and The 2nd Law but most agree there are also some stinkers. I would be interested to see what song choices other fans would make in the purely hypothetical situation where the best tracks from the 2nd Law and The Resistance were combined and released as one album after BH+R and how successful or well-received it may have been. After much deliberation, here's my choices: Track 1: Supremacy Fantastic opener, one of the many highlights of the new album. Sounds stunning live. Track 2. Uprising Another good track which launched the band in the US further than any single before, yet it seemed unusual as an opening to an album, hence it is now track 2. Track 3. Resistance Never really liked the tune personally, but I appreciate the themes and the source of inspiration. Plus it smashes tracks 4 and 5 from the 2nd Law out of the water and the "we must ruuuuun" section is awesome! Track 4. Undisclosed Desires The first time I heard this was on BBC's coverage of the band's "A Seaside Rendezvous" concert in Teignmouth and it blew me away. Very Depeche Mode and whilst it has divided fans ever since, I happen to think it's one of the more genius forays into electronic music the group has made. Track 5. Panic Station After a three song run from the Resistance I thought it was time to mix things up a tad. This track should be the albums next single and one of the only songs on the 2nd Law I instantly loved. The funk-pop vibe is spot on and proof the band can do almost any genre and make it sound awesome. Track 6. Follow Me Whilst I think it sounds a bit too much like Nero ft. Matt Bellamy I do think it works and sounds appropriately serious after the funk of track 5. The track also sounds good in an arena (as long as Matt keeps his guitar round his neck!). Track 7. Unnatural Selection OK the riff sounds too much like New Born and not too many people like the breakdown but the relief that washed over me when I heard the entirety of the Resistence in 2009 and a strictly rock track had remained, without the cheese, without the choirs and without the operatic-ness, was intense and for that reason alone, I felt it deserved a place. Track 8. MK Ultra A fantastic highlight of a largely disappointing album. This threw me back to the old days of Muse, the paranoia and made-for-concert riffs. Often doesn't get the praise it deserves except from people on this forum. Track 9. Animals It's fitting that both my favourite tracks from the respective two albums are back to back at the end here before the final "set piece". Animals is a masterpiece. There, I said it. I love Animals. I can't stop playing Animals, that includes live versions. It takes the best elements of old classics like Screenager and Falling Away With You then adds a kick-ass outro, all within a 5/4 time signature, and with creepy undertones about the tools who have ruined our economy. It's hilarious and genius, I love it. Tracks 10-12. Exogenesis Symphony Ultimately it was always going to boil down to this or the final two "2nd law" tracks to close the album and personally, I think there's no competition. Whilst I can appreciate that Unsustainable's guitar-step backbone is inspired and sounds just as good in the flesh, I think that Exogenesis is wonderful, even for those who don't really come by classical music that often, such as myself. It's telling that the 15 minute track was written pre-2009, because it doesn't sound needlessly included or "too much", like most of the string and piano sections on the 2nd Law. A perfect closer for any Muse album. I understand this may seem pointless but I thought it would be fun and I am very much interested to see what others will have as their choices. It also looks like I enjoyed The Resistance more than the 2nd Law, but that's not the case. My reasons for the omitted tracks are below: Madness (Really can't stand the song) Prelude Survival (Some great guitar sections, but the lyrics are AWFUL, plus the choir sounds hugely unnecessary) United States of Eurasia (not bad but too much Freddie for my liking, plus it usurped Butterflies and Hurricanes on the live playlist for a while - inexcusable!) Explorers (Not sure what Matt was thinking with this one, it's like Soldier's poem got a shot of camp straight to the xylophone) Guiding Light (Poor poor song. It's not even the cheese or Brian May-lite riffs which disappoint me, it's just SO DAMN BORING) Big Freeze (Actually don't dislike this as much as others do. I certainly don't think it's the worst song on the new album. The chorus is good) I Belong to You (Not terrible, just don't think it would work in the "combo-album". Plus it was allowed to be in a Twilight movie. Next.) Save Me Liquid State (Both of Chris' tracks are admirable efforts, and I'm glad someone else had writing and vocal duties for a change, but still don't particularly listen to either song. Sorry Chris!) The 2nd Law: Unsustainable The 2nd Law: Isolated System (Like I mentioned, it was this or Exogenesis. Yeah, exactly)
  12. The best and funniest MUSE moments because our trio is quite awesome!
  13. Be in the audience for this very intimate show! Source: http://muse.mu/news,win-tickets-to-bbc-radio-2-concert_1449.htm
  14. Hi, I posted a review of The 2nd Law on Alternative Music Press. Check it out here: http://alternativemusicpress.tumblr.com/post/33247740087/album-review-the-2nd-law-by-muse If you enjoy it please let me know and like Alternative Music Press on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/alternativemusicpress Thanks!
  15. Not sure if there is a thread for the upcoming reviews in the media. Didn´t found one, if there is, please move it in to this section. However,i found a few reviews of blogs & webzines. Some of them are in german, others in english. No Major Media included yet. http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/52047/Muse-The-2nd-Law/ http://rkukmedia.co.uk/2012/09/24/muse-the-2nd-law-album-review/ http://www.yuppee.com/2012/09/24/album-review-muse-the-2nd-law/ http://skirmag.com/2012/09/album-review-muse-the-2nd-law/ http://ilikethesoundofit.wordpress.com/2012/09/24/review-muse-the-2nd-law/
  16. So I painstakingly hand crafted/baked a Muse-related cake for my friend for her birthday. Suffice to say my hands were stained with food colouring for the next few days, but it went down a treat! Thought this was a good place to get some Muse cake-art appreciation
  17. Hello! My name is Gabriëlle Bol and I am 16 years old. For two years, I have worked on this story called SHOWBIZ. It's obviously inspired by Muse. In fact, I have used a lot of their songs in it. It's not finished yet and the only people who have seen it so far are my friends and family. But I want to change that, I want to share this comic with everyone! I have scanned the first two pages, as well as some related art and... for my final school project, I am going to make merchandise for it. Yes, merchandise. It's very expensive to make this of course, which is why I need everyone's help. I have started a campaign in which you can donate and recieve rewards for it. But of course you want to know more of the comic before you'd donate. Here is a little summary/intro: "Try to imagine a world without any form of money. A world that is all about music instead. And try to imagine that this all works for some reason. Everything seems so perfect and peaceful here. The only problem is the genres. Every country has obtained one of the genres and sticks to it, making it forbidden to listen to or make music from different genres. Christopher is an 18-year-old blind guy born in the genre of Classical Opera. Due to his complicated situation at home, he decides to travel the world with a rebellious band he's met at a local theatre. He soon takes place in their band as their pianist and lead-singer, causing a forbidden combination in which the band combines multiple genres. Against the Government's orders, they will stop at nothing to spread their music and... hopefully destroy the law that has seperated the genres for centuries." Now, here are the first two pages as well, because you're probably wondering about them. For more art, visit the link at the end of this topic. Now I know this may all seem a little unprofessional, especially considering my age. I won't lie to you, I'm not a professional. Not yet. It has been my dream to become a comic artist ever since I was little. It has ALWAYS been my dream to change the world, to tell stories and teach things to people. It's more than that, it is MY PURPOSE. I may be young, perhaps too young, but I want to accomplish this anyway. Merchandise is a pretty big, first step. Not only is it really awesome to have, it will also spread the story. Which I think is a good thing because the story is full of political messages and more (also a lot of lessons about life and happiness). This comic has never been about making money, it's all about spreading messages and learning people things about life! I think everyone should be able to read that. Okay, I'll stop writing this topic now because it's getting too long. There's just one more wish I would like to tell you before you (hopefully) click the link below. I'm not sure if there is any way to show this comic to Muse themselves... but... it would be the greatest honour. More than that, it's my dream to show this to them. I owe the entire story and comic to them, so yeah! For more information (there's also an awesome video I made!) and the campaign itself, go here: http://www.indiegogo.com/showbizcomic?c=gallery&a=1638920 . It would be my greatest honour if you looked at it, take the time to read it and contribute. Or at least share it with others! It would take little time for you to make a dream come true!
  18. I think it's awesome and very humbling that Muse is going on a tour of Space X with some fans. It's wonderfully where my career choice intersects with music choice. Does anyone have more information on this arrangement? As of now, it's a sweepstakes from KROQ in LA. Respect for Muse has been increased.
  19. I think that such interesting clip goes against "Madness". So I made a new version and hope you'll enjoy it. Â http://vimeo.com/57946873 Â P.S. Now I can't watch original version...
  20. Hey guys, just wanted to check if anyone else has had this problem. I decided to pre-order the album online for download rather than get sent the CD. I've got the email sending me a link to my download but its not connecting. It just keeps saying loading or problem with server. My internet is fine and Im about to email customer services. I know it possibly may be just many people downloading the album but I just want to make sure. Any advice?
  21. Hello, I work for BBC 6 Music and this Sunday between 6-8pm (GMT) we want you to help pick the Ultimate Muse Playlist. This could be anything from your favourite Muse tracks, to people who inspired them, people they've toured with etc etc. You can get in touch on: - Facebook - Twitter using #Muse6Music - Spotify Or leave a comment here and I'll pick them up. Thanks very much - would love to see as many of you as possible involved! Thanks, Will Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/nowplaying/2012/09/muse6music---help-pick-the-ult.shtml Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/nowplaying/2012/09/muse6music---help-pick-the-ult.shtml
  22. I pre ordered the gatefold vinyl of the 2nd Law and it shows my card being charged twice for the amount? The first time I entered my information the order took forever to process so I refreshed the page and reentered my information. It lead to a successful pre order and an email confirmation. I then checked my online statement and it showed my card being charged twice for $35.00 What gives? Help!
  23. Hello, I have one question... anyone knows what seymour duncan guitar pickup gives the sound more akin to the bare knucle nailbomb, I want to change the bridge pickup of my guitar but I want a sound very similar to the kaoss manson. I know the effects and pedals that make the sound of Matt but I want a guitar pickup, which has a tone almost identical or similar, Seymour duncan because I have no budget for more expensive things... Thanks
  24. Hi! So I hope most of us muse fans know the song "Knights of Cydonia". anyway 2 years ago My Chemical Romance has released a single called "Na Na Na". This single just reminds me a lot of Knights of Cydonia. - The Music video - The riff while singing "nananananananana" - The album artwork (danger days) The riff starts at 0:40, it really sounds a lot like the end riff of KoC (in my opinion) Please let me know of what you think ~Michael
  25. So @muse posted a picture on twitter showing us the tracklist. (here: ) it reads: Supremacy Madness Panic Station Prelude Survival Follow me Animals Explorers Big Freeze Save Me Liquid State The 2nd Law: Unsustainable The 2nd Law: Isolated System Thoughts?
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