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Found 129 results

  1. In the Muse sub-topic at reddit.com, the idea to record reaction videos to hearing Muse's upcoming single (Psycho/Drones) for the very first time is caching on. Does this sound fun/interesting to anyone else here? Someone else has also offered to edit the reactions into a compilation type thing with the song. Respond if you're interested, a discussion thread is also located on reddit here. I'm totally down if you guys are: There's a chance that the single will come out this Thursday the 6th on Zane Lowe's last show.
  2. Well apparently Drone's gonna be hard! More info here: http://blog.evergig.com/matt-bellamy-hints-at-new-single-too-offensive-for-radio Source: http://blog.evergig.com/matt-bellamy-hints-at-new-single-too-offensive-for-radio Source: http://www.virginradio.fr/
  3. Basically, I'm looking at this poster thing on notonthehighstreet.com and you can choose what lyrics you put on it and the background colour. It's for my boyfriend and we are both huge Muse fans (hence I'm asking here!!!), what lyrics should I use? PS, any era of Muse can be included, we love it all
  4. Hello everyone, as a big muse fan, I decided to create a simple android application to help people get closer to the Muse happenings and updates! It's called Muse pocket guide and I would be really gratefull if you downloaded and rated it so that it becomes more and more visible thus earning muse new fans! Thank you for the support fellow Musers!!!! Google Play link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.KonstantinosReppas.MusePocketGuide
  5. hey guys, I recently bumped into this group that I really like and now got to see their video. I think this song was heavily inspired by MUSE, what do you think? cheers!
  6. Hello everyone, Muse Pocket Guide was a success thanks to you! Since you liked it I would be honoured if you could help me out by downloading my next application which is a game and it is called Bamb! Right now it is going super well and I would appreciate it if my Muse friends helped me by downloading it! Thank you very much! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.KonstantinosReppas.BAMB
  7. Hi ! I was checking on MuseBootlegs earlier and saw that I could not access to it ! I asked some of my friends to try but it does not seem to work anymore ! Does anyone know if the website has been closed. ( We all know what the Warner is doing at the moment on youtube). Cheers !
  8. This is a thread I've created for those of you who want to discuss which bands and musicians Muse should collaborate with. Here are some of my ideas: - Eminem - Coldplay - Rise Against - My Chemical Romance
  9. 1. OOS Stage 2. Absolution Tour Stage 3. HAARP Stage 2. Resistance Tour Stage (2009 Towers) 3. Resistance Tour Stage (2010) 6. 360 Stage 7. The 2nd Law Tour Stage (Pyramid) 8. The 2nd Law Tour Stage (Live At Rome Olympic Stadium) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ********************************************************* If There Are Any I've Missed Out Just Say Them. ********************************************************* -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. I've NEVER Seen Muse Live And I Live In London, But They Haven't Been Here For A Long Time And I Just Can't Wait Anymore!
  11. As a few of you know, I will be attending the Muse concert at the Toyota Center in Houston. My husband and I agreed that we would stay after and try to meet them, since our VIP tickets don't include meeting the band. But I thought it would be really cool to make custom bracelets for them, since I make jewelry for a living. And what better to make for them than Chainmaille? So, here is the one I created for Chris. I did a little research to find out what the colors the band members liked were.. And had a little luck with Dominic and Matt.. but not with Chris. So I decided to make something that would look good with his usual color scheme. This is Chris' gift. What do you think?
  12. Hy all. Check it out my Absolution live wallpaper for Android. Rate it if you liked them. Link for Google play here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dimchel.absolutionwallaper Sorry for my bad english. I'm a poor Ukrainian student.
  13. KROQ just announced that muse will headline for Coachella this April in California! http://kroq.cbslocal.com/2014/01/08/kroq-announces-coachella-2014-lineup-ticket-info/ Who else is excited? Source: http://kroq.cbslocal.com/2014/01/08/kroq-announces-coachella-2014-lineup-ticket-info/
  14. multicams of both gig in stade de france in june 2013 are available on Muse Bootleg ► for the 22.06.2013 gig (---BLU RAY VERSION SOON---) -> HD version http://www.musebootlegs.com/?p=torrents&pid=10&action=details&tid=1535 -> DVD Version http://www.musebootlegs.com/?p=torrents&pid=10&action=details&tid=1547#torrent_comments -> youtube version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDyjAZY4a5Y --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► for the 21.06.2013 gig -> HD version http://www.musebootlegs.com/?p=torrents&pid=10&action=details&tid=1507 -> youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEtWifuoQX4 22.06.2013 CREDITS Multicam mix by Tristan Coudert (= titoufou17 = #tri') Presented by Muse France ?: https://www.facebook.com/Musefrance2012 AUDIO TAPERS Achtung_baby01 | Achtungpop Bonozitoun | Retwas MATRIX AUDIO MIX Videodrugproject ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21.06.2013 CREDITS Multicam mix by Achtungpop Audios streams ( ac3 224 kbps ) : 1 (fr) / dubbed stream by achtungpop with mono IEMs ( Morgan and Chris's feeds ) by Bonozitoun ( mono receiver ) Audience by achtungpop ( sp-cmc-4u ) 2 (eng) / Audience by achtungpop ( sp-cmc-4u ) 3 (ger) / audience by carhaixgie ( XY mic int Zoom H4n )
  15. Here's a little something thought up by @TT_Bellamy and @MuseMadness on twitter. We would love for Musers around the world to join in with our shenanigans and partake in this event, and hopefully muse will see it! Here's what you have to do... Thanks from the muse twitter family
  16. Did a wee article on the band for What Culture. 25 best songs, as obviously hinted at in the above title.. Hardly the creme de la creme of music writing, I'm pretty inexperienced at it, but feel free to have a look, maybe post your own choices, and of course, most importantly, slate my own. Enjoy http://whatculture.com/music/25-greatest-muse-songs-time.php
  17. I think we deserve this opening really we do and I'm totally not a selfish person who tries to get everybody to get the boys attention to finnally give us that song which gave my ears something close to an orgasm so who else wants the original version of this opener?
  18. Hi guys,I've got a question whether anyone of you has an access to the data about how many records did Muse sell since 1999 by year ? In my maths assessment I would like to model a function for popularity of Muse based on the number of records sold or dowloaded each year.All I found was how many records did they sell overall....so please HELP !
  19. Hello, Musers. I am starting out on piano and would like to learn some Muse songs. What are some of the easiest ones to play? Thanks for reading
  20. Hi guys, I have just recently released a self-funded, self-produced original album called Cascades for which I am the composer. It is heavily influenced by Muse and Ludovico Einaudi and is very varied, something for everyone hopefully. On the whole, it is a relaxing, mellow listen. If you could have a listen, that would be fantastic, youtube likes and comments are very much appreciated. It is on itunes and amazon should you wish to buy it. iTunes Amazon Charlie Boyle
  21. Hi everyone. Indscene made Muse their Band of the month for October and they released their video selection of TOP 10 singles from the band. Definitely worth watching. Take a look: http://indscene.net/2013/10/01/muse-top-10-singles-bandofthemonth/
  22. OK So earlier this month (sept. 6) I saw the one and only AWESOME!!! How about everyone else share their experiences (if you have been to one)
  23. When I typed this into Google search it gave me a link that took me to the Muse Website shop that showed me this product but with no price or buy button. Will this product be on sale at all?
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