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Found 228 results

  1. Not sure if anyone else has read this book at all, but I had to personally put it down as soon as the author, Ben Myers, was introducing Dom. He wrote "Dominic James Howard was born in Stockport, Lancashire on July 12, 1977." and continued to go on some spiel about the summer of Queen. Unless I'm mistaken Dom's birthday is December 7th? Either this author didn't try at all with his sources, or Dom is very good at lying about his birthday. Thoughts?
  2. I saw something like this on the Muse subreddit, and I wanted to give it a try. I shuffled my Muse spotify playlist and the first 19 songs are what makes up the setlist. And here it is: Take a Bow City of Delusion Plug-In Baby Easily New Born Pink Ego Box Revolt Hyper Music Exogenesis Symphony Part III: Redemption Fillip Explorers The 2nd Law: Isolated System Map of Your Head Citizen Erased Encore 1: Drones Stockholm Syndrome Do We Need This? Encore 2: Ruled by Secrecy Dead Star What do you guys think?
  3. Just like the title above says. Every song is fair game, including b-sides, covers, and unofficial releases. Blue = Showbiz Orange = Origin of Symmetry Green = Absolution Red = Black Holes and Revelations Yellow = The Resistance Purple = The 2nd Law White = Drones Brown = B-Side Pink = Cover (Note: I'm not including Feeling Good in this because it was released in an official studio album). It'll be hard for me because my opinion always seems to change, but here's my opinion as of today. 1. Exogenesis - Redemption 2. Exogenesis - Overture 3. Exogenesis - Cross Pollination 4. Drones 5. The Globalist 6. New Born 7. Intro + Apocalypse Please 8. Uprising 9. Prelude + Survival 10. Aftermath 11. Bliss 12. Take a Bow 13. Blackout 14. Supremacy 15. Invincible 16. Butterflies and Hurricanes 17. Unintended 18. Stockholm Syndrome 19. Unnatural Selection 20. Reapers 21. Dead Inside 22. Hysteria 23. Hoodoo 24. Fury 25. Knights of Cydonia 26. The Handler 27. The Small Print 28. Time is Running Out 29. Resistance 30. Unsustainable 31. Megalomania 32. Citizen Erased 33. Dead Star 34. Drill Sergeant + Psycho 35. Supermassive Black Hole 36. Showbiz 37. Feeling Good 38. Crying Shame 39. Endlessly 40. Animals 41. Plug in Baby 42. Map of the Problematique 43. United States of Eurasia 44. The Groove 45. Sing for Absolution 46. Liquid State 47. JFK + Defector 48. Starlight 49. Futurism 50. Glorious 51. Recess 52. Undisclosed Desires 53. Ruled by Secrecy 54. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist 55. Hyper Music 56. Micro Cuts 57. Mercy 58. Exo-Politics 59. Madness 60. Ashamed 61. Eternally Missed 62. Nature_1 63. In Your World 64. Muscle Museum 65. Cave 66. Isolated System 67. City of Delusion 68. Guiding Light 69. Space Dementia 70. Can't Take My Eyes Off You 71. Dark Shines 72. Agitated 73. Jimmy Kane 74. Soaked 75. Uno 76. Assassin 77. Falling Away With You + Interlude 78. Follow Me 79. Hyper Chondriac Music 80. Soldier's Poem 81. House of the Rising Sun 82. Neutron Star Collision 83. Revolt 84. Screenager 85. MK Ultra 86. Big Freeze 87. Shrinking Universe 88. Explorers 89. Easily 90. Save Me 91. Coma 92. Host 93. Twin 94. I Belong to You 95. Sober 96. Falling Down 97. The Gallery 98. Piano Thing 99. Fillip 100. Shine 101. Do We Need This 102. Escape 103. Pink Ego Box 104. Con-Science 105. Hate This and I'll Love You 106. Prague 107. Map of Your Head 108. Yes Please 109. Forced In 110. Execution Commentary 111. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want 112. Nishe 113. Spiral Static 114. Overdue
  4. Here's the video: http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/06/19/Открытие_Арена_Moscow/Muse
  5. So I was wondering what are everyone's favorite quotes that Muse have written? Not your favorite set of lyrics, but a line or lines from any of their songs that are very meaningful to you. Post down below your favorite quotes and explain why you like them! It always changes for me, but as of now, the most meaningful quote to me is from Dead Inside: "Don't leave me out in the cold, don't leave me out to die! I gave you everything - I can't give you anymore! Now I've become just like you!" I think many people can relate to the meaning of those lyrics as much as I do. They remind me of my last relationship, which was a very unhealthy one. In my interpretation of those lyrics, I imagine someone needing their partner to be there for them but is always getting hurt by their partner. Their partner treats them like shit and it makes them feel terrible. They need that person and yet they despise them so much. Now that person has become so broken by their loved one that they feel like they're just as terrible and ugly as the one who mistreated them. They believe that person made them dead inside just like them. My heart breaks every time I hear this section
  6. So I know most people have a top 10 songs they love to listen to, but how about your favorite songs to hear performed live? Seeing Muse live in concert is a completely different experience than hearing the album in your room, and hearing a song done live can bring different feelings than hearing it on an album. So, what's your favorite ten songs to hear live? Mine are 1. Bliss 2. Stockholm Syndrome 3. Uprising 4. New Born 5. Knights of Cydonia 6. Psycho 7. Survival 8. Reapers 9. Hysteria 10. Apocalypse Please Post yours down below!
  7. We know that Muse have stated that "The Globalist" is basically an alternative storyline for Drones - one where the protagonist just lets himself be controlled and eventually turns into a dictator. This would totally make sense and is a creative way to end this fantastic album. However, what if this actually isn't the case? What if there's another way we're supposed to view "The Globalist" that Muse just didn't want to spoon feed us? Let me explain: the meaning of Aftermath is pretty obvious. After a long time of fighting, the protagonist finally fills the part of him that needed to be loved and finally doesn't feel alone. That solves the love plot point, but what about the revolution? As the song states, the battle is still going on. For a huge plot point that was in development throughout the entire album, it's hard to believe that Muse would leave that part completely unresolved. Meanwhile, The Globalist makes a point in saying that the battle is done when they say how everything has been conquered. So what am I pondering? Well, this might be a stupid idea, but what if The Globalist isn't an alternative storyline, but actually the conclusion to where Aftermath left off, being part of the same storyline? Picture this: somehow, between Aftermath and The Globalist, something happened between the protagonist and his love interest. Maybe an argument, a death, an afterthought, whatever. For some reason, something happened that makes the protagonist feel as though his love was for nothing. Still thinking negatively, he then believes that the revolution is screwed - he bought off more than he could chew, and the cause looks doomed. He's become desperate. He thinks there is only one way to fight his opressors - fight dirty, just like them. He already knows how to use the drones and what codes would allow him to operate them. It might not be ideal, but he could definitely take them down if he begins to use them. He could take control of enemy this way and even the playing field. So, he and the rest of the revolution start operating the drones - and it goes way out of hand. The rebels have forgotten what the cause they were fighting for was and now they have destroyed innocent lives. The protagonist looks at the damage he's done, the lives he has taken, the destruction he caused, and realizes the worst thing he could possibly imagine: in the process of fighting back, he's become just like his enemies. He became a human drone and a dictator, and became the nightmare he was trying to break free from. He recognizes that he has destroyed everything and can't believe that all of this was caused just because he was trying to fill the void that needed to be loved. This may be a rediculous idea, but it's one I've contemplated since I first listened to the album. Due to the lyrical content of the song, I believe that the idea seems plausible and it's one I'm in favor of. I feel like it would also add something new to the story as well, giving it an added sense of tragedy for a possible dystopian future. The album's music, story, and message are amazing (it's one of my favorite albums) and I just wanted to iterpret this masterpiece. If you guys have any thoughts about this or any other theories, leave them down below!
  8. http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/05/29/Olympiapark_M%C3%BCnchen_Munich/Muse
  9. According to the Dutch radiostation 3FM Muse are playing an intimate gig in Cologne, Germany. http://www.3fm.nl/nieuws/detail/362284/Schrijf-je-dichter-bij-Muse
  10. It was shot from the public perspective, hope you'll like it! http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/05/15/The_Mayan_Los_Angeles,_CA/Muse
  11. Hope you'll like it http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/05/16/Verizon_Wireless_Amphitheater_/_Irvine_Meadows_Amphitheatre_Irvine/Muse
  12. If you attend to any concert of Muse on the 1999-2002 years (or may before), please, tell us everything of the show that you remember, like the songs, or if you record something. There are some setlist missing (specially in 2000 backwards), only for curiosity. Let's start over again Just another crazy Muse fan.
  13. Here's the video: http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/03/23/Brighton_Dome_Brighton/Muse God I wish, I lived in the UK, what a gig this makes me wanna go and see them live more than ever!
  14. Enjoy my friends http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/03/16/Barrowland_Ballroom/Muse
  15. Best day of my life! Hope you'll like it! Â http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/03/15/Ulster_Hall_Belfast/Muse Â
  16. I have never done this before but I wanted to try my hand at doing a mashup between Psycho and Uprising. I am not sure the best way to usually post these things but HERE is a link to the song. Since I am new I would appreciate advice, criticism, and of course to know what you think of it.
  17. Well apparently Drone's gonna be hard! More info here: http://blog.evergig.com/matt-bellamy-hints-at-new-single-too-offensive-for-radio Source: http://blog.evergig.com/matt-bellamy-hints-at-new-single-too-offensive-for-radio Source: http://www.virginradio.fr/
  18. In the Muse sub-topic at reddit.com, the idea to record reaction videos to hearing Muse's upcoming single (Psycho/Drones) for the very first time is caching on. Does this sound fun/interesting to anyone else here? Someone else has also offered to edit the reactions into a compilation type thing with the song. Respond if you're interested, a discussion thread is also located on reddit here. I'm totally down if you guys are: There's a chance that the single will come out this Thursday the 6th on Zane Lowe's last show.
  19. Basically, I'm looking at this poster thing on notonthehighstreet.com and you can choose what lyrics you put on it and the background colour. It's for my boyfriend and we are both huge Muse fans (hence I'm asking here!!!), what lyrics should I use? PS, any era of Muse can be included, we love it all
  20. hey guys, I recently bumped into this group that I really like and now got to see their video. I think this song was heavily inspired by MUSE, what do you think? cheers!
  21. Hello everyone, Muse Pocket Guide was a success thanks to you! Since you liked it I would be honoured if you could help me out by downloading my next application which is a game and it is called Bamb! Right now it is going super well and I would appreciate it if my Muse friends helped me by downloading it! Thank you very much! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.KonstantinosReppas.BAMB
  22. Hi ! I was checking on MuseBootlegs earlier and saw that I could not access to it ! I asked some of my friends to try but it does not seem to work anymore ! Does anyone know if the website has been closed. ( We all know what the Warner is doing at the moment on youtube). Cheers !
  23. This is a thread I've created for those of you who want to discuss which bands and musicians Muse should collaborate with. Here are some of my ideas: - Eminem - Coldplay - Rise Against - My Chemical Romance
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